Bridget Jones’s Baby: Movie Review


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Last night Team Hurley joined together with arms full of popcorn ready for a catch up with our favourite girl Bridget!

There has been a huge Bridget sized hole in our lives ever since Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, but like a miracle sent from above, Bridget is back and is better than ever!

There’s always that fear when a new instalment of one of your favourite films is released, will it be as good as before? will the characters still be the same? will we still love her? Rest assured everything is good and well in Bridget Jones land! The film definitely delivered, we were literally crying with laughter, as Bridget stumbled her way through life yet again.

Bridget Jones's Baby

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In the movie we are introduced to a 43, television producer version of Bridget, and although her career had progressed her love life was still very much single. However one night stand’s with both (our favourite) Mr Darcy and newbie american Jack, Bridget soon finds herself eating for 2 and unsure of who her baby’s father could be!

All the familiar faces from the first two movies return including her fabulous friends Jude, Shazza and Tom, her annoyingly loveable Mum and her quiet supportive Dad, not to forget Bridget’s new young friend Miranda!

Bridget Jones's Baby

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Our only criticism is that sadly Bridget has moved on to the digital age and no longer writes her diary with good old pen and paper, but instead types her diary on a tablet! We guess Bridget has to move with the times though, so we will overlook this small detail.

If you’re looking for a film that’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll cry, and you’ll be smiling up at the screen crazily throughout, go and grab your friends and get a ticket for Bridget Jones’s Baby!

Bridget Jones’s Baby is Out Now in cinemas Nationwide!

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch the movie, let us know what you thought about Bridget’s return by dropping us a comment below!

Team Hurley


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What’s On The Box? With Team Hurley


As the warm summer evenings fade away and the cold drizzly nights draw in, a night snuggled up in pyjamas and a blanket sounds more and more appealing. Especially when there are so many good shows on the telly at the moment! Let us tell you what we’re loving at Hurley HQ right now!

The Great British Bake Off


Photo Credit: BBC – The Great British Bake Off Available Now On BBC iPlayer

As it gets colder, it can only mean one thing… The return of the Great British Bake Off, hurrah! Despite the heart breaking news that GBBO will no longer be on BBC One and the even more devastating news that Mel & Sue will not be moving with the show, we are trying to savour every last moment of this year’s series.

So of course we had to feature it in this weeks post. Now is it just us or can anyone else not watch the whole episode without eating cake? With that said this years series has kicked off in true GBBO style! There are some real characters in the famous baking tent, in particular dancing Val, we love her! Her constant smiles and dancing moves are enough to make anyone happy, not to mention smooth talker Selasi, lipstick lover Candice and the talented Irish man Andrew. Try not to be sad about GBBO’s imminent move, but instead make some tea, grab a slice of cake, sit back and enjoy!

Watch Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One.


Celebrity The Island with Bear Grylls

It’s the return of quite possibly the most dangerous reality show on TV. This Sunday saw the return of Bear Grylls’ The Island, except this time he has decided to maroon a bunch of celebrities on the Island, all for charity of course (Stand Up to Cancer to be precise).

With a good variety of celebrities thrown into the mix like TOWIE star Lydia Bright, JLS’ Aston Merrygold, Dom Jolly, former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, MIC’s Ollie Locke and a host more, it is sure to be an entertaining series.

The first episode saw Dom Jolly appointed Island captain, whilst dehydration hit everyone due to the lack of a fresh water source and Aston Merrygold looked as though he was struggling to adapt to Island life!

Let’s see who survives the longest!

Watch Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.


Hooten and the Lady

Hooten and The Lady

Photo Credit: Sky PLC – Hooten and the Lady Available Now on Demand

This new adrenaline, action filled Sky 1 show is jam packed with drama from start to finish! The story follows a charming American, adventure seeker named, Hooten and the ever so prim & proper Lady Alexandra.

In last Friday’s opening episode we saw the unlikely companions stumble into each others lives in the Amazon Rainforest, on a quest to uncover hidden treasure. The first episode contained action, drama, suspense and maybe a hint of romance for our leading characters.

We highly recommend this show for some light hearted action, comedy and romance all bundled into one.

Watch Fridays at 9pm on Sky 1.


Let us know if you’re watching our latest picks and let us know what you thought, by dropping us a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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Sarah Hurley at Creativation!

Large American Flag

I’m SO excited to share today, that I’ve been invited back to Creativation (formerly the CHA Mega Show) to host another seminar in January. I’ll be talking all about Planning for Business Success, from Business Plan to Planning for Business Growth.

You can book your place in my ‘Planning for Business Success’ seminar here on the Creativation website or arrange a meeting with me while I’m at the show by emailing us to organise something (if this is something you’d like, please do hurry as my time in the USA does fill up super fast!)

I can’t wait to be back at the show and I’m really looking forward to seeing the changes and Phoenix, AZ for the first time!

Thanks for dropping by today
Sarah x

Sarah Hurley Book Club: #GirlBoss

With the end of one great book club read, means the exciting start of another.


This month it’s all about girl power, with the New York Times’ Bestseller, #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso!

#GirlBoss is all about making your work life just as fun, exciting and playful as your personal life. This book is full of motivation and inspiration, helping you see that you can do whatever you like with your life. It is all about following your passions and dreams, as well as discovering more about the journey of the author Sophia Amoruso.

So grab a copy now and get reading with us for our latest book club pick!

Look out for our next update on the blog soon…

Thanks for dropping by!

Sarah & Team Hurley






One Hot Summer: Book Club Update

We’ve finished our latest book club read One Hot Summer by Kat French and let us tell you exactly what we thought…

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*Spoiler Alert*


I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a lighthearted, funny, and romantic book. It had a great amount of drama and suspense, and although I kind of assumed how this book was going to end from the beginning that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

As readers we saw the growth of both Alice and Robinson. What was meant to be a brief summer romance and a healing process for both of them, actually turned out to be something much more! The neighbours of Borne also added that perfect added touch to book. Stewie giving us humour, Hazel unleashing the quirk and Niamh as a great best friend to Alice, they all completed the book perfectly.

It really was a great book to read… Highly recommended for some fun, loveable, humour!


I loved this book! I totally related to Alice from the beginning, it was funny, tense, cheesy and predictable, exactly what you want from a summer beach read. I loved it. I think the neighbours were actually more interesting than the main characters and added the humour and lightness that made this book so good. I have no criticism of this book, its a great, well written, example of this genre and who doesn’t love a cheesy chick lit read, right? I will say that I’m not a fan of the more erm.. mucky bits of books, I get that they will always crop up in adults books, it’s a part of life and all that, but it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when they are quite graphic and in this book I had to skip through a few pages about 4 or 5 times as it was a bit close for me. This is just my personal preference and it didn’t take anything away from the book for me, it was just something I was aware of. If you like a bit of saucy stuff, you’ll love it I’m  guessing, lol!

We would love to know what you all thought of One Hot Summer, drop us a comment below or get in touch with us via our social media.

Our next book club read will be starting on Wednesday, so be sure to drop by to see what we’ve chosen!

Sarah & Team Hurley





Dealing with Anxiety…


As some of you probably know, I’ve been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager. Sometimes I go ages with nothing and then BAM! there it is again. I know lots of people will think well you’re alright, what’s your problem? etc… but anxiety and panic are not logical things and while most days I’m fine, other days it creeps up on me, sometimes for seemingly no reason at all and it’s very VERY hard to get past the anxious feeling. Other times the anxiety is related to an isolated incident like a crowd, a person, large crowds, feeling trapped etc… and I have a mini panic attack. Today I wanted to share some of my experiences and tips for dealing with anxiety to hopefully help some of you who may be experiencing the same thing.

Firstly, don’t be scared of talking about it. I was always brought up to believe you do’t talk about depression or anxiety in case people thought you were crazy and you couldn’t get a job or you were stigmatised in some way. As a grown up (ish!) I’m not afraid to admit I’ve had severe depression (about 5 years ago as some of you know) and anxiety and panic attacks which have become worse since then. Talking to people makes you realise you aren’t crazy or alone, others are dealing with exactly what you’re dealing with, however ‘together’ they might seem.

Also, letting people around you know whats happening and what you need them to do really helps. Disclaimer – some people won’t get it, they just won’t. My first reaction when I feel anxious or depressed is to disappear for a bit, I stay off the internet, don’t reply to texts or emails and ignore my phone. I like to stay in my little bubble by myself and I prefer it if noone talks to me and I don’t have to talk to anyone, I need to spend all my energy just calming down and getting through it. I’m very lucky that B understands this, he’ll leave me to go off and wallow on my own for a bit, have a nap or do what I need to do to get past this. But I’ve also had people close to me think I’m shutting them out, pushing them away or doing something to personally hurt them (all of which really doesn’t help as then I feel worse!) Try your best to explain to your nearest and dearest what’s happening and what you need and, most importantly, even if they don’t understand, do what you have to do anyway to take care of yourself.

Secondly, develop a self care strategy. You will get to know what you need to get yourself back on track. You might to sit in silence, escape somewhere, have a nap or a bubble bath or maybe a good cry and scream. Know what it is that helps you and as soon as you recognise the first stages of anxiety setting in, begin your plan – the sooner you do, the sooner it’s over. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself, even if only for a limited time, curl up in bed with a book, order yourself a pizza, watch a soppy film (Movies24 have some great sentimental happy ones) whatever it takes to make you feel right again. This isn’t selfish, getting yourself back to your best is beneficial not only to you but to everyone around you.

Thirdly, breathe! I know this is pretty obvious but still, it’s good to remember, really focus on your breathing (it can be difficult, especially mid panic attack!) This is especially helpful to me during those one off incidents I mentioned. So, last week I went to Chessington and we queued for ages for this Rollercoaster, about halfway down the queue I realised there was no way out, the path was narrow, there was no route back, no exit gates, nothing I could do except stand there in the enclosed space with strangers and children all around me. Even thinking about this again now makes me short of breath! Firstly, I told my friend who was with me how I felt, just getting it out made me feel better. Secondly, I focused on breathing slowly, calmly and getting it back under control. Then I distracted myself, I chatted with my friend, played Pokemon on my phone, anything except look around me at where I was and the crowds around me. This distraction technique works great for me as it refocuses your mind.

Lastly, find an activity that helps you release your anxiety, my favourite two are long walks (without your phone, its the all important escape again!) and anxiety art journaling. This is a favourite of mine. Grab an art journal or sketchbook and pen. Start writing, literally write every thought that comes into your head. Whats bothering you, all of the what ifs and worst case scenarios going through your head, everything thats buzzing around inside. If you can’t put it into words, scribble and doodle until its all out and your head isn’t buzzing so much anymore. Next, pop down a craft sheet or some newspaper, put the book into the centre open at the page, grab some paint and throw it at the page, keep going, throw it, smear it around, use a brush, your hands, anything you have, until its all covered up. There, it’s all gone – Sounds mad, works like a charm! Being creative is a great way to release anxiety and to this day I credit that to my recovery from severe depression a few years ago.

Remember, you’re not ‘suffering’ with it, thats a choice, you’re dealing with it and you’re stronger than you think! I hope some of my ways of dealing with this help you or maybe just realising someone else is feeling the same way will make you feel less alone.

Take care of yourself

Sarah x

p.s. If you need more help, you can also contact MIND – To support my friend John Bloodworth, in the All Counties Craft Challenge in aid of MIND, the mental health charity, please click here for his Just Giving page.


whats on the box with Team Hurley

This week I have some Netflix faves for you! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

The Office (UK) – I first watched this years ago when it first came out and now I’m rematching it in preparation for the David Brent film. I have to say, since watching the American version, I’m not such a big fan but it’s still very funny, hilariously inappropriate  and worth a watch, I’ve missed David Brent!

Katy Perry – Part of Me – Odd choice alert! Not something that would usually be on my radar but it kept coming up on my Netflix suggestions and one night at the height of insomnia, I decided to give it a go. I have to say, I was surprised, I found it really interesting to watch the way she works. The breakdown of her marriage was captured during filming and the way she went on so as not to disappoint her fans was courageous. Definitely worth a watch!

and my film choice this week is Coming to America! I have, like pretty much everyone else I’m guessing, watched this film about eleventy million times BUT its still so funny and it makes me happy every single time – thats all I’m really looking for! I’m glad it’s on Netflix so I can pop it on whenever I feel like I need a pick me up.

I’d love to know your fave Netflix picks, leave me a note in the comments and if you watch any of these, let me know what you think!

Sarah x

One Hot Summer: Book Club Update

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Although it is officially the end of the British Summer time, that doesn’t stop us from indulging in some great Summer reads! Our latest book club pick is One Hot Summer by Kat French, we hope you’ve been reading along with us, so let us tell you exactly what we think so far!



I am an absolute sucker for a cheesy rom-com whether its a tv programme, a film or a book, so as soon as I started reading One Hot Summer I just knew I would enjoy it. Sometimes it is nice to read something light hearted, funny and predictable, because well, who doesn’t want the girl to get the perfect guy!

I loved the way the book opened, instantly Alice is thrown into a heartbreaking situation, not only has she just found out that her husband is cheating on her, but so has the rest of the nation. I automatically felt for Alice, her luck went from bad to worse with the possibility of being homeless also looming over her. It’s nice to see how much Alice loves Bourne Manor and the lengths she will go to keep what was once going to be her happily ever after. Alice shunned a life of fame with her husband to stay home, cook meals, drink wine and watch movies by the cosy fire. She is a relatable character, even though I may not have a manor, I would probably choose exactly the same lifestyle in her situation.

It is interesting to see the introduction of Robinson, the singing, mysterious cowboy who has become Alice’s temporary lodger. No doubt Robinson will throw a few spanners in the works and turn Alice’s life upside down.

I am really enjoying the book so far, and although I can probably guess the way this book is going to end I am still thoroughly enjoying it and can’t wait to read on!



We picked this book because it looked like the perfect summer / beach read and we weren’t wrong! Immediately I empathised with Alice who seems so nice, she’s also been cheated on by her husband and faces the possibility of losing her beloved home. Alice is a homebody like me and her love of bubble baths, snuggling under cosy blankets and having tea with friends definitely spoke to me! When Robinson turns up to rent her house, things definitely start to get interesting!

It’s super cheesy and I can kind go guess what’s going to happen but it’s entertaining, funny and well written. I’m looking forward to reading the rest.


Let us know what you thought so far about our latest Book Club read, either by dropping us a comment below or getting in touch via our social media pages!

Thanks for dropping by!


Sarah & Team Hurley


The Magic of Beginnings…

trust beginnings quote

I’ve had lots of messages and emails the last few days so wanted you to hear it from me so you know it’s true!

After a fun filled year with Hochanda I have now left as a guest presenter on the channel. I had lots of fun there, worked with some great people and wish them every success going forward. A lot changes in a year! and for me, it’s the start of something new, watch this space…

Thank you you to everyone who watched and enjoyed my shows and the lovely messages I’ve had since sharing this over social media yesterday, watch this space for more updates soon!

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah x