BeeBees Boutique ReLaunch


Today we have re-launched our new look BeeBees Boutique! 

BeeBees Boutique is back and better than ever! After a short while away for a mini make-over BeeBees Boutique is back with some great, original and exclusive products especially for you.

We’re the home of fun Craft, Stationery and lots of Lovely Things. Our new look store now stocks unique, curated products from all around the globe, to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for every time you visit BeeBees Boutique.

Today we are particularly excited to announce that we have launched 13 exclusive BeeBees Originals Halloween gifts! Our Originals Halloween collection features our spooky quote sweatshirts, kids halloween t-shirts and we’ve even thought of the babies! We’re so excited to share our exclusive limited edition range with you, and are even more excited to reveal this definitely won’t be our last originals collection!

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the products from our BeeBees Originals Halloween collection. Head over to our new look BeeBees Boutique website to see our entire collection!


Happy Shopping!

BeeBees Hive

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Sarah Hurley LIVE! Update

Sarah Hurley Live! is fast approaching so we thought we would give those of you who are attending a little sneaky peek, you would have also received our attendees mailer with some  more exclusive information for you all – and for those of you who aren’t what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

We’re super excited to announce that one of our Sarah Hurley Community members Shabneez from Happy Hijaabi is going to be one of our live demonstrators! The very talented Shabneez will be showing you all some fabulous Make & Takes including her wonderful (and extremely festive) Ferrero Rocher Poinsettias. Take a little look at our exclusive sneak peek.



Now for those of you attending we have an extra special treat – You can now download and use our special ‘I’m attending Sarah Hurley Live!’ badge to use on your own blogs and social media.



For those of you who haven’t booked your tickets for Sarah Hurley Live! yet, don’t worry tickets are still available! Order yours here…

Sarah and us at Team Hurley look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Team Hurley


Top Drawer A/W ’16 and Brand Licensing Show Europe ’16 Roundup

There has been quite a few interesting and exciting exhibitions taking place recently and Sarah and us at Team Hurley were lucky enough to attend the Top Drawer 2016 Autumn/Winter show and exhibit at the Brand Licensing Show Europe 2016. So we thought we would tell you all about it and let you know what we thought about the shows this year.


Top Drawer A/W 2016


Now this was my first time at a trade show, and honestly I had no idea what to expect. Sarah and I had discussed the show before attending and even though she had explained it very clearly, I guess you don’t really know what you’re in for until you actually go. The event this year was held at London’s Olympia in Kensington, and funnily enough it was also my first visit to the Olympia too. When I first arrived I felt a real buzz in the air with all the stands fabulously decorated and ready to lure all us visitors in. When I first arrived it was so easy for me to get distracted by everything and have my head constantly turning to browse at each display. But once me and Sarah had agreed upon a methodical approach of going up each aisle individually in an organised manner, I felt much more focused and able to take in each and every stand.

It was extremely interesting to attend the event and to see all of the different and wonderful products out there. I was also fortunate enough to attend some seminars, one in particular about using Social Media was very beneficial for me and I felt as though I did learn an awful lot!

As a first time visitor here are a couple of tips for all of you who are considering attending this event in the future or one like this.

  1. Firstly plan a strategic approach of how you are going to walk around the exhibit. Make sure you plan first to ensure that you don’t miss out on any hidden gems!
  2. Try and attend as many seminars as you can, that you believe would be beneficial to you. You may think you know it all about Social Media or running an online business etc., but sure enough there may be something new learn.
  3. If you can attend a seminar – TAKE NOTES! You may think you will remember in the morning, but the mind doesn’t always work that way.


Brand Licensing Show Europe 2016

Exhibiting at the Brand Licensing Show was also a first for me, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! This years Brand Licensing Show was also held at London’s Olympia Kensington.


As soon as I entered the Olympia I was overwhelmed by the rush of colours. I thought at Top Drawer it was hard to know where to look but the Brand Licensing Show was on a whole other level! There were bright pinks, yellows, red, blues every colour you could think of. Not to mention the huge Pikachu and Powerpuff Girls floating above my head. Our Sarah Hurley Ltd. stand was placed on the first floor, so I happily made my way up the multi-coloured Crayola stairs, still in awe of the fantastic displays.

As I arrived to our stand on that first day it felt so great to see Sarah and Team Hurley’s stand design finally come to life. There was our charming cardboard cut out of Angelica Strange, our washing line of fabulous characters, and an incredibly large Sarah Hurley logo. I was excited but also very nervous as I felt as though I wasn’t 100% ready to speak with people about Licensing just yet. Sarah gave me some great advice prior to the show though, she simply said ‘Listen to what people have to say, ask questions and then tell them what we do and what we could do for them.’ Although it sounded easy enough I was still pretty nervous. However after my first encounter with a visitor on our stand I felt at ease and had gained a huge amount of confidence after that. As the 3 days went on I interacted with a variety of different people and felt extremely comfortable. I was also lucky enough to attend a seminar all about Licensing which I found so helpful and I finally felt as though I knew the basics of Licensing and how it works.


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this years show and found it really interesting, exciting and even educational!

As a first time visitor here are a couple of tips for all of you who are considering attending  / exhibiting at this event in the future or one like this.

  1. Firstly same approach as before – Don’t be blinded by all the amazing displays and bright colours, if you’re going to take a walk around the show have a plan or you’ll miss some fantastic stands.
  2. Always bring business cards!
  3. A smile goes a long way. Even if people aren’t stopping at your stand be welcoming and friendly and flash a brief smile.



Top Drawer A/W 2016

This was the first year we hadn’t exhibited at Top Drawer for a while, it made such a lovely change to walk around and get to speak to everyone, attend seminars and see it all new again through Chloe, very inspiring! This show is all about getting trade or wholesale customers, it’s a great place to be to meet those big store buyers (disclaimer – the only reason we didn’t exhibit this year is because we couldn’t accommodate any more wholesale customers this year, I would do it again in future if / when this changes)

Brand Licensing Show Europe 2016

I L-O-V-E this show – its one of my yearly highlights and I was so pleased to be exhibiting again this year after a great show last year. After exhibiting at both of these shows over the last 2-3 years I thought some tips for new exhibitors might be quite useful, so if you’re new to to these or thinking of exhibiting, here are my top tips as a (somewhat!) seasoned exhibitor:

  1. Visit the show first – absolutely essential!! You have to know what to expect, what the set up is and where you think you fit. Turning up without doing this could be an expensive mistake – I’m so glad I visited for 2 years before taking the plunge, I felt really ready when we got there to exhibit the first year and made sure I got my moneys worth!
  2. Plan your stand – Make sure you know what’s in every square inch, make sure it’s eye catching and will stop your ideal client in their tracks. We do mock ups of both the floor and wall space to ensure it all looks how it should (and we still tweak it during set up!)
  3. Budget carefully – The stand cost is not the only thing to factor in, you’ll need to look at cladding / wall covering, furniture, lighting, electric, marketing materials, staff, taxis, travel etc… I factor in about another stand cost for the extras (e.g. if the stand is £5k, budget another £4-5k for the extras)
  4. Smile! – I’m stealing Chloe’s tip here but it’s SO important, the amount of times i’ve seen people reading the newspaper on their stand, looking bored or even, at this years Top Drawer, Chloe and I stood on a stand for ages being ignored while the exhibitors chatted amongst themselves – you can talk to each other back at the office when it’s not costing you money! Look up, catch peoples eye and smile.
  5. Speak to EVERYONE – don’t look at everyone as a prospect / sale, get to know people, chat and make connections, even with the exhibitors around you – you never know when you might work together or need that person. Two examples here, I met someone at a show two years ago, we chatted, we have a quick catch up each year, we didn’t ‘need’ each other back then, we were both just being polite. This year we’re working together on a MASSIVE project (I can’t even explain to you how big and exciting yet!!) if I hadn’t of been friendly those years ago, that wouldn’t have happened. Secondly, we were exhibiting near someone this year whose work both Chloe and I had admired for a long time. We were excited to speak to them and maybe look at bringing them in on a big project we’re working on. They were so completely rude and horrible that not only will we not work with them but we won’t be buying any more of their products either, they just lost two customers!

Bonus Tip – Rent a chair, for the love of every nerve in your feet, rent a chair!! We didn’t do this the first year, we thought we’d be super alert and on our feet ready for everyone – wrong! (cue Lisa saving us with a late night dash to Argos to buy camping stools on day one after the show!! lol) It’s ridiculously exhausting doing a trade show, factor in 8-10 hours on your feet and it’s ridiculous, grab a little sit down in the quiet moments!

Thank you for reading today. If you have any thoughts, comments or top tips you would like to share with us, drop us a comment below or get in touch with us via social media.

Sarah & Team Hurley


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What’s On The Box?! with Team Hurley


With most evenings being filled with wind, rain and the cold, it seems only right to begin hibernating in PJ’s, bed socks and a cosy blanket. And with hibernation comes the inevitable TV binge!

Well this week we have had the ultimate TV binge on some of our faves!

Strictly Come Dancing


Ore Obuda & Joanne Clifton performing the Jive – Photo Credit: BBC / Guy Levy

We can’t deny it any longer, we just love Strictly! The sassy celebrities, great music and seriously infectious dance moves are all we really need on a Saturday night (and maybe a glass of wine). This Saturday was no different, and all the stars were out to impress. In last Saturday’s episode we saw the first 10 of the season awarded to BBC Sports Reporter Ore Obuda (and only in week 4!). Ore performed an impressive jive with his partner Joanne Clifton to Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby. Hollyoaks star Danny Mac also got serious praise from the judges and other winners on the night included Louise Redknapp, Daisy Lowe and Lesley Joseph. Whilst Ed Balls was still hanging on by and thread and sadly Naga Munchetty was the fourth celebrity to be booted off the show. If you’re not a fan of the show we urge you to just watch 1 episode and we’re sure the sparkles will change your mind!


Ex On The Beach

Now this is one serious guilty pleasure of ours and it’s just too good not to share! If you love a bit of trash reality TV then look no further than MTV’s hit show Ex on The Beach. The season comes to an end in tonights episode after an explosive series full of cat fights, make-ups, break-ups and a whole lot of ex’s! This season has been filled with drama, particularly from Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle and his former long term girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg, after the shocking (or not so shocking if you’ve seen an episode of Geordie Shore) revelation he cheated on her multiple times during their relationship. Be sure for a bumpy ride with this series, but we want you now it is seriously addictive! Now if you have missed the series, fear not as TV on demand is always there in your time of need, so be sure to catch up!


SAS: Who Dares Wins


Photo Credit: Channel 4

Now this show is totally not what we’re used too but after watching last nights opening episode this could be a new regular of ours. Now this is another reality show but we just can’t seem to get enough. In last nights opening episode a new bunch of hopeful men decided to participate in one of the most challenging military selection processes. The men are tested to their limits and week by week another hopeful bites the dust as the pressure of being an SAS solider just all becomes too much! Although at times it did seem as some what of a strange masculinity competition it is surprisingly entertaining and at times really rather tense. Give it a go if you’re looking for something different to watch on a Monday night!


Let us know if you’ve been watching any of the shows mentioned, or if you have any recommendations for us at Team Hurley, drop us a comment below or get in touch via our social media.

Team Hurley



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Sarah Hurley Book Club: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

With the end of one book club read, means the start of an exciting new one. Our new book club read is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.


It’s Pride and Prejudice but not as you have seen it before. Seth Grahame-Smith has taken Jane Austen’s traditional tale and turned it on its head with the inclusion of terrifying zombies.

Grab a copy of our latest choice and join us for another exciting reading adventure.

Join in and let us know what you think of our latest Book Club choice by dropping us a comment below. Stay tuned as we will be letting you know our thoughts very soon!


Sarah & Team Hurley


#GirlBoss: Book Club Update

After 4 weeks the verdicts are finally in on what we thought of #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, and we’d love to share them with you…



When I did my halfway update on #Girlboss I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, but I have to say it has really grown on me and has actually taught me many valuable skills!

Amoruso really did start with nothing, she worked her way up to a multi million dollar business, after having a hernia and realising that she needed to sort her life out. Amoruso did this by creating a shop on eBay with the help of a book created for dummies. Her story truly is inspirational and after reading it, you do believe that you can achieve anything but you have to work exceptionally hard to get it.

That’s one thing I have to say about the book, Amoruso makes it very clear that she wasn’t handed anything, everything she has today she has worked hard for. Amoruso emphasises the fact that you have to go out there and take risks in order to get what you want, a clear example of this was her persistence with Jeffery Campbell.

I did learn valuable skills and some great tips from this book, and will definitely put them into practice in certain aspects of my life. Although at times I felt that this book read as an autobiography, it was still enjoyable and fun, it was also fascinating to learn more about Amoruso as not only a successful businesswoman but also as a rebellious teen working in Subway.

I am pleasantly surprised that I warmed to the book and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would have. I would recommend this book to give someone a little push in the right direction and a burst of inspiration.



This is definitely a book that I’ll read again! It’s ballsy, fun and a bit out there and has a ton of inspiration for getting your life together and achieving your dreams. The overwhelming message is that working hard pays off – it’s amazing to have someone be that honest, most successful people try to make it look easy, like it all magically happened because they’re so clever, Sophia tells you the truth. That’s not the way it happens, you try some stuff, some of it works, you work REALLY hard at that stuff and then you become successful. I love her openness around that subject.

My only side note to this is, as I think I mentioned before, this book is written very much like I imagine she would speak to you. It’s not beautifully written prose, it’s a friend chatting to you over a few glasses of wine and a pizza. Personally, I love that, but if you’re a sucker for a beautifully crafted paragraph, this may not be for you. If you like high energy, darting between a few topics, open and honest reading with a giant kick up the bottom, you NEED to add this to your reading list! I’d recommend maybe in the next few months so you’re ready for the whole new year / new me thing ;o)


Drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought about #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, alternatively get in touch with us via our social media.

Check out the blog tomorrow where we will be announcing our new book club read.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Team Hurley



Sarah Hurley Partners with Lean In!


Today we are beyond excited to announce something we’ve been keeping a secret for a while! As many of you know, I know travel all over the world speaking on business topics, I try as hard as I can to offer mentoring and guidance through my work with CHA-UK and as I travel and meet fabulous entrepreneurs from all over the world. Encouraging women not only to start and grow their businesses (entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but success is!) but to be strong, succeed, shine, support and empower each other. It’s something I firmly believe in. All too often women tear each other down, belittle others achievements instead of being steadfast, strong, supportive and as proud of each other as we are for ourselves, a victory for one is a victory for all in the end.

So today, I’m proud to say we have partnered with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In a cause that is a natural fit for us and helps me and us at Hurley HQ to give back even more. As Lean In Partners, we will be able to connect with more of you from all over the world, encourage, support and inspire.

We will be sharing more about our partnership over the coming weeks and months and those of you coming to Sarah Hurley LIVE! will have some sneak previews of exciting things we’re working on too.

For those of you who may not have heard of Lean In, please do check out their website or pick up a copy of the book (we will of course have this as part of the Sarah Hurley Book Club soon!

What is LeanIn.Org?

LeanIn.Org was founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to empower all women to achieve their ambitions. We offer inspiration and support through our network of 900+ partners, an online community, free expert lectures, and Lean In Circles, small peer groups who meet regularly to share and learn together.

Since the organization’s launch in March 2013—following the release of the bestselling book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead—the LeanIn.Org community has grown to over 1.2M women and men and more than 29,000 Lean In Circles in over 147 countries. LeanIn.Org is a private operating nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

About Sarah Hurley

Sarah founded her eponymous brand and company in 2010 with just £40 and a vision. The brand has since gone from strength to strength and Sarah now leads an International team developing her product range that now comprises of beautiful and useful creative kits, gifts, stationery, children’s products, homeware and more, an established creative lifestyle blog and associated social media channels and Sarah Hurley Publishing, producing a range of online and print titles. Sarah also works with other companies in the creative sector as a Brand Ambassador and Product Development and Marketing Advisor in addition to guest presenting on Shopping TV, writing for a series of magazines as a creative and business expert, is a published author, business advocate and International public speaker.

Elected to the CHA-UK board of Directors in 2014, Sarah (currently head of Events and Education committee) took her place alongside other leading industry experts for a three year term to secure, develop and strengthen the UK creative products industry, organising leading industry events and developing educational programmes.

You can join our newly formed Lean In circle group Spark! here and / or our Facebook group here for all the latest developments


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Thank you for dropping by today and sharing in our excitement!

Sarah x

What’s New At Hurley HQ?!

Winter is coming! And we couldn’t be more excited about it. The season is upon us where candles, jumpers and mugs of tea are all a complete necessity! So this weeks What’s New at Hurley HQ, is all about getting cosy and out of the cold.


With our love for cake and the latest craze for Microwave Cake Mugs, it seemed only right we made the perfect gift for all those cake lovers out there! Our Cake Mug’s come complete with either a Chocolate cake, Fairy Cake or Coffee Cake recipe to choose from, and is personalised with your choice of name and even comes complete with a spoon! So as soon as your Cake Mug is done you can tuck in and enjoy.



Hygge is the Danish term for enjoying the simplicity of life, like spending time with family in a cosy, welcoming environment. So why not add some Hygge to your home with our gorgeous personalised cushion covers. Nothing is quite as cosy as snuggling up to your very own personalised cushion!



Finally, nothing quite says winter, like getting cosy on the sofa in your PJ’s with the flicker of a good candle adding the perfect atmosphere! So why not get a personalised Confetti candle! We’re loving our new candles and particularly the fabulous scents, you can choose from Floral, Woody or Sweet!


All of the products shown are available now at

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you’re loving right now from Sarah Hurley Ltd.

Thanks for reading!

Team Hurley