I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but today is TEN YEARS since I started the company – how did that happen??? One minute I was quietly sketching by myself in a freezing corner of my living room and now here we are with multiple offices, a wonderful team and thousands of products!

I’m sharing this today not to gloat, but to show that ANYONE can achieve the impossible. I was down to my last £40, out of work, deciding between eating and heating when I had a last ditch idea – to try and combine something I was good at with something I loved and get it on live TV, simple, right? well 4 weeks later I did exactly that and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster since…

A little bit of illustration work turned into a global company with products, deals with large well known brands and retailers, books and TV shows with even more on the horizon, I can’t quite believe all of this came from that.

It wasn’t all roses – during that time I had many sleepless nights, many tearful phone calls to my best friend, many prayers, many weeks and months of struggles and uncertainties. I’ve made tough decisions, been lied to, let down and stolen from. I’ve cried over losses and celebrated successes. I’ve cared for and lost my husband while people speculated about where I was and why I was so quiet, powered through grief and plastered on a smile pretending nothing’s wrong.

I’ve mentored and helped people who went on to lie about me and steal from me, said goodbye to my old life and hello to a new one (pretty excited about that!). but more importantly I’ve powered through and I’m only just beginning! For all the good and all the bad, I can honestly say my core values have stayed the same, I’m the same girl as I was then and I still believe things happen for a reason and I’m just getting started so watch this space…

The reality of being an entrepreneur is tough BUT If you’re feeling uncertain (understandable right now!) wondering if you should go for your dream, JUST DO IT! and send me your blog post in ten years time so I can celebrate with you OR if you’ve done it already, share your ten year story, I’d love to read them!

Cheers everyone, here’s to many more! I’m off to celebrate…

Sarah xoxo

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