What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley


Now this week I have been watching a real variety of shows, it has been real tough finding the time to squeeze them all. In the last couple of weeks we have seen some exciting favourites come back onto our screens, so let us tell you what some of our favourites are.



Broadchurch returned to our screens last week for the third and final series of the mystery drama. Olivia Coleman and David Tennant reprised their characters DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy, who are now called to investigate a sexual assault on Trish Winterman played by Julie Hemondhalgh, otherwise known as Hayley from Coronation Street. The first episode show cased the very real process that sexual assault victims go through after they have reported the assault to the police, DS Miller showed her sensitive side talking Trish through each and every stage. We were also introduced to some of our potential suspects including Trish’s friend Cath and her husband Jim, it was revealed the assault happened at Cath’s 50th birthday party. Then there’s the farm shop bag that we saw at the end of the first episode with all the items that were used during the assault, the same farm shop that Trish works at with her shifty manager Ed played by Lenny Henry.

Now we know it’s still early days but we already have our suspicions, let the guessing begin…


Ex On The Beach

This week I caught up with MTV’s reality show Ex On The Beach, the show where quite literally peoples ex’s turn up on the beach to confront each other. Now if you want some trashy reality TV look no further than this show. It is filled with a whole host of young, energetic characters, some are looking to rekindle lost love, others hoping to find new love, while the rest are just looking for a short term arrangement. If you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster, a laugh and some shocking drama then look no further than Ex On The Beach.

Last weeks episode saw new girl Frankie show up to the villa to confront Jacques Fraiser as a cheater, after he cheated with Frankie on his then girlfriend Nicole – who might we add is also living in the villa. Fireworks soon sparked as Jacques was forced to tell Nicole the truth about his cheating ways with Frankie. But once Frankie showed up at the villa, Nicole saw red and the drama erupted. Let’s see if things have calmed down this week and if everyone has kissed and made up… Some how we doubt it.


Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising

Now this movie is the sequel to Bad Neighbours, and this weekend it was showing on Sky Cinema. I have to say Bad Neighbours was one of those outrageously funny films that seem so unrealistic but so believable at the time as we’ve all known some seriously bad neighbours. Neighbours 2 sees Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron reprise their characters to take on Chloe Grace Moretz’s new found sorority living next door. This film is full of laugh out loud moments and really is a great easy watch on a Friday night.

Drop us a comment below to let us know what you’ve been watching this week and if you’re loving any of our picks. Or you can get in touch with team Hurley via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading!

Team Hurley


World Book Day 2017!


It’s World Book Day 2017! The day when children and adults up and down the country celebrate their favourite books and dress up as their favourite characters. Here at Hurley HQ we thought we would join in with the fun and celebrate the books we loved as children, but also give you the opportunity to tell us your favourite childhood books! Leave us a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, and some of our favourites will be in with the chance of winning a signed copy of Sarah Hurley’s Welcome To Spook Street!




When I was younger I used to love to read all kinds of books (and still do now), but there was one particular set of books that I would read and collect non stop. My weekend was not complete unless my mum had taken me to Waterstones to get the next instalment in the collection. My guilty reading pleasures were The Rainbow Fairies Book Series by Daisy Meadows! I absolutely loved these books, every book would feature a new and exciting fairy in an eventful story, and with a little help from her fairy friends it always had a very happy ending. There are now 21 series in The Rainbow Fairies collection, however my favourites have to be the Colour Collection. Daisy Meadows is still making the Rainbow Fairies Book Series and I would highly recommend the collection to all little boys and girls, there’s bundles of fun and adventures to be had!




I found it really difficult to pick a favourite (apart from Spook Street obviously!), I’ve always been a complete bookworm and have my nose in a book at every opportunity BUT the one that always sticks in my mind and that I reread often is The Ship That Flew by Hilda Lewis – all about a magical little ship that takes four children around the world and through time, it’s an amazing adventure book that I found in a dusty corner of our local library when I was little, it was so old and I borrowed it so often that in the end the librarian said I could have it for 10p! I still have it today though it was reprinted in 2013 so you can pick it up online or in your local bookshop. There was a spooky parallel for me when I was little  between how Peter in the book finds the ship and how I found the book – destiny! and it definitely inspired my love of adventure.




Mine is a classic but a an absolute gem of a book, everyone ever has definitely read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, (if you haven’t you need to read it, like now!) whether you’ve read it to your kids or you read it as a kid it is one of those books that will never get old! It tells the story of a very hungry caterpillar who eats his way through a variety of goodies before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. The lovely illustrations that accompany this book make it a wonderful read for kids of all ages, not to mention the various editions of the book that include a finger puppet edition and a touch and feel education version.




The earliest memory of my favourite book would have to be The Story of Tracey Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. I absolutely loved the story of young and wild Tracey Beaker and her tales of growing up within a children’s home, also known as The Dumping Ground. Tracey is a fantasist who dreams up wonderfully glamorous stories particularly about her Mum returning for her. The story is beautifully illustrated by Nick Sharratt who creates picture perfect illustrations to accompany Wilson’s fantastic story. The things that 10-year-old Tracey goes through were directly relatable to some of my problems as a 10-year-old like squabbling with my friends in the school playground. I would highly recommend this one for your little ones, not forgetting the fantastic TV series they made on CBBC when I was younger.




I’m afraid mine is slightly older than all the rest but still just as good! My favourite book definitely was Jennings Follows A Clue by Anthony Buckeridge, this book follows Jennings and his trusty sidekick Darbishire as they try to solve mysteries together. This book had me laughing as a kid as I read some of their outrageous adventures, and even inspired some of my mischievous ways a kid. Definitely give a read no matter how old you are!

Now we would love to hear what your favourite reads were as a child, let us know by dropping us a comment below, sending us a tweet or by getting in touch via Facebook. We can’t wait to hear all of your fantastic reads, we’re even going to send an exclusive signed copy of Sarah Hurley’s Welcome to Spook Street to some of our favourites!

Team Hurley


What’s New at Hurley HQ?!

Spring has officially sprung, and although it might not look like spring time just yet, we have some fabulous new products that will most definitely put the spring back into your step.

The dark mornings are nearly gone, but if like us caffeine is the only thing that will get you going in the morning, make sure you always have your morning fuel in the perfect mug! Made especially for you Caffeine Queens 👑



We all have that friend who always has a top knot and a double shot! Now we have the perfect range for them, whether they’re shopping, enjoying a double shot or just chilling our new collection fits all!



Our scratchcards are the perfect way to make a very special announcement, ask an extremely important question or reveal a fantastic surprise, whichever way you use our scratchcards they’re sure to be a fun, unique gift! So this month we’re loving our new Prosecco Glasses and Cheesy scratchcard designs, perfect for those celebratory moments or just to send someone a very Cheesy message!



All of the products shown are available now at www.SarahHurley.com

Team Hurley



Pancake Day!!

Stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes

Today in the office we have all made the unanimous decision that everyday should most definitely be Pancake Day! Shrove Tuesday is the day when the whole nation comes together to indulge on some seriously delicious pancakes before we make a sacrifice for lent! So this year Pancake Day has got us all talking about what our favourite toppings are and as always we wanted to share with all of you!


Now I am a traditionalist… kind of instead of lemon juice and sugar, for me it always has to be lime juice and sugar! I prefer the flavour of lime juice and think it definitely adds a lot more flavour, topped with a sprinkling of sugar and that’s my idea of pancake heaven!


My choice is always a nice thick and fluffy American style pancake. It took me years to master the recipe for a perfect American pancake but after many practice runs, I got there in the end. My toppings of choice are always strawberries, whipped cream and of course the perfect addition to any pancake… Nutella!


I’m afraid I go for the traditional option and the best way in my opinion. Mine has to be a traditional pancake smothered in lemon juice and sugar every time! It has always been my favourite and my view is if it tastes that delicious already there is no need for any extras!

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what Pancake toppings you’ll be opting for this Pancake day will you be sticking to some healthier options or having a serious cheat day! Drop us a comment below, or get in touch with us via our Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

Team Hurley




Sarah Hurley Book Club: 15th Affair

15th affair james patterson sarah hurley book club pick 2017.jpg

It’s time for a new addition to the Sarah Hurley Book Club and we are delighted to announce our newest pick is 15th Affair by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.

Four bodies are found in a luxury hotel…

The first is a man who checked in under a false name. Two are in a room next door, full of surveillance equipment. And the fourth is the house maid, who saw too much. 

Detective Lindsay Boxer is sent in to investigate and hunt down an elusive and dangerous suspect. But when her husband Joe goes missing, she begins to fear that the suspect she is searching for could be him.

Grab a copy of 15th Affair and join us on our latest literary adventure. Stay tuned for a half way review coming soon.

Team Hurley


Mills & Boon Month: Book Club Update

Wood Bakcground Straignt

February has come and gone, with Valentine’s Day and Storm Doris causing a stir, at least we still have Pancake Day to look forward too! But before we let February 2017 go for good we have to share our thoughts on our book club reads, Always The Best Man by Michelle Major and A Deal With Alejandro by Maya Blake.


I read A Deal With Alejandro by Maya Blake, in case you missed my first update I have to admit that I was not enjoying the book at all. I found it boring and predictable, however I am now pleased to say the book pleasantly surprised me. I mean it isn’t a book I would have chose to read, so I am glad that I gave it a go, and although it was fairly predictable I did quite enjoy it.

We finally got to see the other dimensions to the characters and saw Alejandro’s softer side which made him a more likeable character overall. That final twist at the end of the book was great and really was unexpected, I liked that there was that element of surprise, especially as I felt as though I knew exactly what was going to happen from the start.

Although it isn’t my favourite book club read, I am glad I read it and was pleasantly surprised.


Well, there were no surprises in my book but that was kind of comforting really! I liked the story and the characters were really likeable. Even though I knew what would happen at the end it was nice to see it come together as I started to relate to the characters throughout the book and it was great to see them happy at the end.

If you’re a fan of an easy read with a warm glow and a nice safe ending, like a Hallmark movie, then these Cherish Mills & Boon book series is the way to go for sure! It was much more modern that I expected and the characters were strongly written. I’m not really a fan of books that have too much explicit content but this was quite tame, thankfully! (I think the series Chloe read from has a bit more sauce if thats your thing!)

If you can find the documentary I mentioned in my previous post about writing a Mills & Boon book that would definitely give you another perspective on these books, it’s so interesting!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a copy of a Mills & Boon book here!

Thank you for reading along with us today, drop us a comment below or get in touch via our social media and let us know what you thought of this month’s reading picks!

Sarah & Team Hurley


Sarah Hurley Book Club – Mills & Boon Giveaway!

Mills & Boon Giveaway

To celebrate Mills & Boon month this February on the Sarah Hurley Book Club, we would love to give three readers the chance to win one of our Mills & Boon Books.

You could win our 2 in 1 medical romance feature which includes Second Chance with Lord Branscombe by Joanna Neil and Reawakened by the Surgeon’s Touch by Jennifer Taylor.

There is also a historical read up for grabs, Stolen Encounter with the Duchess by Julia Justiss, or a Mills & Boon modern read, An Heir to Make a Marriage by Abby Green.

For your chance to grab one of our giveaways all you have to do is drop us a comment below or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook and let us know which book you would like. Our 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random and the winners will be announced soon.

Good Luck!

Team Hurley


Random Acts of Kindness Day!


Today it is officially National Random Acts of Kindness Day and we here at Hurley HQ want to celebrate all of your wonderful acts of kindness. Are you the kind of person who is always willing to offer a helping hand, give up your seat on the tube, chase someone down the road when they’ve dropped a £5 note, well we want to hear from you!

We want to know about the times when you’ve carried out a random act of kindness, and in return we are going to choose our favourite story of kindness and give back some, not so random acts of kindness.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch via Email, Twitter, Facebook or just drop us a comment below, we want to hear from you!

Thank you for reading today and we look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah & Team Hurley


Mills & Boon Month: Book Club Update

Wood Bakcground Straignt

As most of you would have seen our latest book club read is in fact a couple of books from Mills & Boon to celebrate our Mills & Boon month! Sarah has been reading a combo book featuring, Always The Best Man by Michelle Major and The Best Man’s Guarded Heart by Katrina Cudmore. Meanwhile Chloe has been reading A Deal with Alejandro by Maya Blake, so let’s see exactly what they thought of this months picks!


Now I have to be completely honest and admit that I have never before read a Mills & Boon book, not because I have been purposely avoiding them, just because I’d always assumed they weren’t really my type of book, and I am sad to admit I was right.

A Deal with Alejandro, is everything I expected it to be. I have to be honest and say, so far I have found this book quite boring. I’m not sure if it is because this is just not my kind of book or whether it is the way it is written, but I have found the characters very predictable, particularly Alejandro. That whole millionaire, playboy with family issues has been done many times before and there is nothing new or exciting to this character that makes it interesting. The character Elsie, the marketing guru and Alejandro’s weakness, also seems as though she is quite predictable, but I am hoping the plot will thicken and we can see more sides to both characters.

I don’t want to say already that I can predict what is going to happen as I am hoping there is a few twists and turns along the way.


I’ve started with the first book in my double, Always the Best Man by Michelle Major. I agree with Chloe, I could see from page 10 exactly how this is going to pan out (famous last words, I could be proved wrong yet, I’ll keep you posted!!) but I quite enjoy the easy writing style and it’s very readable.

I watched a documentary a few years ago on Mills & Boon and the way they are written and set up and it fascinated me at the time. I can say that having watched that I can definitely see the ‘formula’ at work here but I think Michelle is such a skilled writer that she’s softened it and made it less cheesy and kept the interest. This book is on the cusp of the chick lit books and reminiscent of the Hallmark movies that are my guilty pleasure so I think although I think I know the ending, I’m going to enjoy reading it!

If you’re reading along with us, let us know what you think of the book you’ve chosen so far. Get in touch by dropping us a comment below or by getting in touch via our social media.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Team Hurley




Origami Heart Love Letters

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If you’ve completely forgotten and are now in a panic or you just want to make a quick and crafty DIY Valentine for someone special then let us help! Today I’ve got a quick and simple Valentine’s craft project for you to create an Origami Heart Secret love Letter – it also has a little pocket where you could pop a small gift or even use it as a cute way to propose by hiding an engagement ring in there – a pretty cute and unique way to propose!

Here is the video for you on YouTube… (don’t forget to subscribe!)

Of course you can use any paper you’d like to make them suit your loved one as long as it’s quite thin (origami paper is best though!) and then decorate them with glitter, embellishments or doodles.

I hope you like our fun valentine’s Day DIY!

Sarah x