What’s On The Box?! With Sarah

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, but here’s a round up of what I’ve been loving on Netflix recently! First up, I’m SO happy that one of my favourite EVER shows has been added, Shark Tank! I discovered this on a flight to the US a couple of years ago and binge watched about 9 hours straight of it, I’ve then managed to catch it a few times on US flights but now there areRead more

Bingeworthy Boxsets!

There’s never a better time than a bank holiday to catch up with some box set bingeing so today I’m sharing my favourites in case you’re lacking in inspiration! 1. Lost I watched the first series of Lost in about 3 days straight when I discovered it and the following series were not far behind! This plane crash / island survival / sci fi drama kept me hooked and guessing the whole way through. If you don’t want to leaveRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Sarah

I’m back this week with another round up of Netflix goodness! First, one I wasn’t so keen on. I had been anticipating the release of the GirlBoss series since it was announced. I binge watched the whole thing over two days as soon as it was released but unfortunately I just didn’t love it I have to be honest. Sophia, who came across pretty brash and forthright in the Girlboss book, was just made to be completely unlikeable in theRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley

Often TV can go through severe drama droughts – when finding something worthwhile to watch is a serious struggle. But I am glad to say this month has been bursting with some fantastic new shows, so let us fill you in on some of our latest faves! Big Little Lies I am obsessed with this series, I binge watched as many episodes as I could squeeze into one night and absolutely lovvved it! I don’t even know where to startRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Sarah

There’s been a huge range of new additions to Netflix this month, with so much variety to choose from narrowing the options down to just 3 is almost impossible. But I got there in the end, take a look at some of my favourite picks! First up, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, this fantastic series follows on from the film Lizzie Borden Took An Axe (also on Netflix) and stars Christina Ricci as the terrifying Lizzie Borden. I was SO pleasedRead more

What’s On The Box?! with Team Hurley

It has been a busy couple of weeks at Hurley HQ, and finding the time to sit down and enjoy our favourite TV shows has proven to be rather difficult. But let us fill you in on what we’ve managed to catch up on so far… Coronation Street Photo Credit: ITV1 Coronation Street is without a doubt one of the nations most popular soaps with some of the best British actors coming from the cobbles of the street. This weekRead more


This week I have some of my current Netflix faves for you! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week: Project Runway – I never really watched this when it was on TV but I started watching it during a bout of insomnia a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked, getting through a season in two days! The mix of creative, competition and fashion is just amazing and I love this, I’m totally hooked and halfway through the next seasonRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley

Now this week I have been watching a real variety of shows, it has been real tough finding the time to squeeze them all. In the last couple of weeks we have seen some exciting favourites come back onto our screens, so let us tell you what some of our favourites are.   Broadchurch Broadchurch returned to our screens last week for the third and final series of the mystery drama. Olivia Coleman and David Tennant reprised their characters DS EllieRead more

La La Land: Film Review

Photo Credit: Dale Robinette Now when a film is nominated for the Best Film Award at the Oscars, I always tend to be slightly sceptical. With most of them lasting at least 2 hours it can be quite the commitment, especially when a lot of the time they seem to be disappointing and don’t live up to the Oscars hype. So when I saw La La Land had been nominated for 14 Academy Awards including Best Picture, I braced myself forRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley

Is it sad that I have now found myself looking forward to my weekly dramas?! I can’t even deny it, some of the dramas on TV are so good at the moment that they could even be films! This week I have been binging on an awful lot of TV and I am sorry to say that I don’t regret a thing. This week all 3 of my chosen shows are from BBC One, they’ve kicked 2017 off with aRead more

What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley

It’s been a while since our last What’s On The Box?! post and I have to say there has been a lot of brilliant TV over Christmas and the New Year. With the New Year means the return of some fantastic shows and the debut of some fab new ones! This week it was particularly hard to narrow my choices down to just three, but I got there in the end. Taboo – BBC1 Photo Credit: FX Networks/BBC This week saw theRead more

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: Film Review

Ever since the news broke that Fantastic Beasts would be turned into a film, I always questioned why? Why are we bringing the magical world back again, surely we should just all leave it with the greatness that was Harry Potter?! I am glad to say… I was wrong. We most definitely should bring back the wizarding world, and Fantastic Beasts is the perfect place to start! When I went to see Fantastic Beasts, I honestly had no clue what itRead more