Sarah Hurley LIVE! USA Schedule

Today I’m so excited to share with you the updated schedule for (the now sold out!!) first Sarah Hurley LIVE! USA happening next week. (if you missed the news, my Sarah Hurley LIVE! event is going global! check it out here) We did share a schedule a couple of weeks ago over on the Sarah Hurley LIVE! website however, this week it has been updated to include my 25 Mad, Bad & Crazy Things That Have Happened to Me inRead more

USA – Day 6!

Day 6 and my last day here in the USA, today I’m in L.A. and, as if that wasn’t good enough!, I was brought this as breakfast to my room, Nutella french toast with candied bacon… crazy, right?! it was delicious but I could only eat that quarter cut out, it was SO sweet! After breakfast, my driver came back to collect me and I had just a few hours to get everything done before flying back. First to makeRead more

USA – Day 5!

Day 5 is the day I’ll wake up in Hawaii and go to sleep in L.A.! I had to start my day with a walk along the beach as it was my last chance *sob* I ended up sitting there til basically the last possible minute (do you blame me?? lol) I took one last gaze at the view from my hotel room… before throwing everything in my case and legging it out of the door to catch my airportRead more

USA – Day 4!

Day four of my USA trip is in Hawaii and it’s day two of the Silhouette Summit. I started the day with a wonderful walk along the beach, check out the rainbow!! I wish I could take that home with me!! There are so many rainbows in Hawaii because of all the little rain showers (it’s so warm you barely notice them most of the time, they’re really fine like sea spray) Today we are being taken to do someRead more

USA – Day 3!

Day three is here! and it’s the first day of the Silhouette Summit here in Waikiki, Hawaii  and the day we get to see all of the new product releases coming for the rest of this year… I started my day here on my Lanai, catching up with emails (and too distracted by the beautiful view to do my blog post, why it’s late! sorry! lol) Before going to take my place at the Summit, I met some fantastic SilhouetteRead more

USA – Day Two!

I had an early start to my day, starting with  breakfast at iHop – it’s a MUST and its such  beautiful walk from my hotel to iHop, I love it every time! After that I headed back to my hotel to re-pack my case before my next meeting – the person I was meeting actually read my blog yesterday and messaged me to say they would come and join me by the pool if I liked – how good isRead more

USA – Day One!

Today is my first day here in the US and already I’m having the BEST time! I had a great flight here, a whole row to myself so I could flip up all the arm rests and stretch out (as much as one tiny 5ft person can anyway! lol) and get some sleep. I also FINALLY watched the film JOY on the plane. My hairdresser has been saying to me for ages that I need to watch this film, heRead more


This week I’m preparing to jet off to L.A. once again! We have some super exciting meetings planned, I’ll be holding two seminars and we are hoping to squeeze in a little visit to Disney! My first seminar, Create Business Success on Friday 8th January is all about how I started and grew my business, I’ll be sharing my story and my top tips for starting or growing your business. I’ll also be holding a Q&A at the end. TheRead more