Sarah Hurley Book Club – Runaway Girl

This weeks book club pick is the first in a series I have been LOVING – Runaway Girl is the first in the Tyler Family series from Emma Tallon and had me hooked from the start!

Anna runs away from her scary gangster boyfriend and finds herself drawn into a whole new world while she try’s to lie low. Along with new friend Tanya, Anna transforms herself into a businesswoman, focused on success until she meets Freddie who seems to be everything her previous boyfriend wasn’t.

I’m now a few books into this series and I can tell you it’s worth investing the time into! It’s not a typical gangland / gangster book and it’s definitely not a smooshy romance read (something I was a little bit worried about from the blurb on the back, romance is not my thing at all but this is done in a realistic way as part of a bigger storyline and some doe-eyed dummy waiting for her fairytale)

I’ll be following up with the previous books in the coming weeks so if you’re reading along with me, let me know!

This is currently part of the Kindle Unlimited programme in the UK so you can read for free if you have Amazon Prime. Click here to download now*.

Sarah xo

*affiliate links – the links highlighted are affiliate links, which means, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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