Today we’re excited to share that following on from last years company changes (read all about them here!) we’ve moved forward with our plans to restructure by separating out the personalised stationery, gifts and keepsakes part of the company.

When I started the Sarah Hurley company it was just me doing some illustration, that grew into crafts, gifts, stationery, home decor and more! and now covers TV, publishing, licensing, investments, retail and more (it’s a LOT!) With ever more facets of the company, all named after me, it became overwhelming, I received hundreds of emails and messages every day, ranging from changing elements of a personalised keyring, through to TV development changes, screenplay edits, book edits, stock lists, product plans, licensing contracts, investment proposals and everything came back to ME! It made things confusing for my team too as we struggled to decide who does what and how it gets done efficiently. When we made the decision to restructure last year, we very carefully drew up an organised plan and this is the first stage – we created Chips & Sprinkles to take over the personalised gift area of our business, headed up by it’s own dedicated team and focusing on bringing you more of what we’re about – unique and personal stationery, gifts and keepsakes you are going to love – the little extras that make life better!

Check out the new website here and look out for hundreds of new products launching over the next few weeks!

The Sarah Hurley website has also had a makeover and is much more focused on what I work on day to day, check it out here.

We look forward to sharing lots more developments with you over the next few weeks!
Sarah xoxo

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