What I’m Reading Now – The House Keeper

My post last week really inspired me to get my Kindle charged up and my reading list ready! Of course, being me, I didn’t start with anything that was on my reading list just yet but another book that I bought a couple of weeks ago from my Amazon recommendations…

The Housekeeper by Natalie Barelli

I’m around a third of the way in so far and was instantly drawn in to the dark world of Claire as she puts her life back together after a tragic event (I’m not sure what yet!) what I have found out so far is that it’s something to do with Hannah, someone she previously knew who became her family nanny. Hannah is now living not far from Claire and has a seemingly perfect life – though Claire isn’t going to let that stand for long! It so far has given me a little bit of ‘Girl On The Train’ vibes I think just because Claire is a similar type of character to Rachel so far.

I’ve been completely drawn into this and can’t put it down, if I didn’t HAVE to work today I’d be snuggled up on the sofa by now but as it is, I’m racing through to get to it later…

I’ll keep you posted! and if you have any recommendations for me, please let me know.
Sarah xo

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