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Sarah Hurley Blog My Crafty Essentials

I’m always being asked the crafty products I cannot live without, so today, I’m sharing my essentials!

  1. Fiskars Paper Trimmer – I’ve tried SO many paper trimmers and I always come back to this one. It fits neatly on my desk, the blades last forever, it has a handy pull out guide at the top for cutting larger sheets like 12×12″ for scrapbooking and it stores away neatly.
  2. My Silhouette Portrait – This tiny little die cutter is super handy and bonus, fits on my already packed desk! It cuts up to A4 / 8.5 x 11″ size and folds down into a super small lightweight capsule that looks fabulous on my desk.
  3. Glass Cutting Mat – I have to admit, when glass cutting mats became a ‘thing’ so many of my crafty friends asked me why I didn’t have one and I’d roll my eyes at them. Who needs a non portable, might break, heavy cutting mat, right? Wrong! They are SO versatile, easy to wipe clean when I’ve covered them in spray paint / glitter etc… give a sturdy base for stamping and other projects and protects my table tops (I’ve already ruined two white desks *sigh* ) I couldn’t be without it now!
  4. Fabric and Paper Scissors – I have very different pairs so I can always tell which is which! The gold is fabric and the white ones are paper. When I was first sent the white ones I didn’t think much of those either (clearly I need to have a word with myself here, stop resisting all this new stuff! LOL) but once I tried them I loved them, they are so easy to use (I have tiny hands too so struggle with finding scissors that work for me!) and I get less achy hands when cutting a lot because of the shape and flexibility of them – grab a pair!
  5. Stickles – I always keep several bottles of this to hand, mostly in the clear colours line up so I can layer them over coloured cardstock / embellishments or colouring. I’ve tried SO many glitter glues and always come back to these because of the quality and the fact that they don’t ruin whats underneath. Now I just need to master resisting the temptation to poke it to see if it’s dry and I’m set!
  6. Invisible Tape – Scotch Magic Tape is the best thing ever and I use it SO much on 3D projects.
  7. Extra Strong Tape – A total necessity, especially as most of my craft projects are show samples or sent off somewhere for photography and take a bit of a battering, this keep everything together.
  8. Pinflair Gel Glue – This stuff is truly amazing! creates a solid but flexible base for 3D embellishments, is super strong, can be used thinly or in bobs and holds just about anything!

Thats my 8 crafty essentials, I hope they help you if you’re just starting out or looking to reorganise your craft supplies. I’d love to know yours!

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

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