Three Apps to Organise Your Life!

Sarah Hurley Blog Top 3 Apps

Today I’m sharing the top 3 apps I use to organise my whole life! (just a note, this is for my personal life, I will share the ones I use to organise my business life in a post soon, promise!)

Sarah Hurley Blog apps to organise your life apple notesNotes

Pretty self explanatory, this is the really basic notes app that comes with your iPhone / iPad / Mac etc… although recently lots of super new features have been added to make this SO useful, including tickable checklists, inserting pictures or files and categorising your notes into types. This syncs across all of your devices and is my go to app for pretty much everything in my life. I make to do lists, keep standard text things I need to copy and paste, master lists for tasks I do all the time such as packing for trips and all the things that pop into my head at random moments. Because its on all devices, if I wake up screaming in the middle of the night remembering something I have to email the next day, I can make a draft in notes and pick it up on my mac the following day to check, copy, paste and send! I check the app along with my email every morning just to be sure there is nothing I have to work on.

Sarah Hurley Blog apps to organise your life awesomenote Awesome Note

Awesome Note is another notes app (I know, why do I need two?!) but this one I use differently, it has various  different views, can sync with your calendar and is great for projects, trips and things that have deadlines.

Sarah Hurley Blog Apps to organise your life awesome note screen shot

As you can see, it has some more in depth features so I use this more for things I know will be ongoing, less urgent that I don’t need to keep check on all the time and things with deadlines I need to stick to. It has a sticky note view too which is great to refer to for recipes, book lists and things like that.

Sarah Hurley Blog apps to organise your life Trello Trello

I don’t think I could say more good things about Trello, I’ve told everyone I know about it as I just LOVE it so much. I use this for personal and business so you’ll see this crop up again in my next post about apps to organise your business I’m sure! Trello is like a virtual pinboard, again it syncs over all of your devices and you can invite people you choose to share certain parts of it using the ‘Teams’ function, I have a personal team (just B and I) one for each of my offices and teams for projects I’m working on with other people or companies, you can favourite individual boards that you use all the time to keep them near the top so you have them close at hand too.

Sarah Hurley Blog apps to organise your life Trello screenshot

In the personal section of this board I have go to outfits categorised by event or occasion (great for when you’re having a ‘everything looks terrible day!’), all of my talks, lists of things I need to buy or pick up and much more, it keeps everything organised and I can set deadlines, assign things to me or B and keep track of what needs to be done on projects we have ongoing. I also use this to set my personal life goals and keep track of where I’m at, it’s fantastic!

I hope you find these helpful and I’d LOVE to know your favourite apps too so I can check them out!

Thanks for dropping by today
Sarah x

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