What’s On The Box?! With Team Hurley


Now this week I have been watching a real variety of shows, it has been real tough finding the time to squeeze them all. In the last couple of weeks we have seen some exciting favourites come back onto our screens, so let us tell you what some of our favourites are.



Broadchurch returned to our screens last week for the third and final series of the mystery drama. Olivia Coleman and David Tennant reprised their characters DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy, who are now called to investigate a sexual assault on Trish Winterman played by Julie Hemondhalgh, otherwise known as Hayley from Coronation Street. The first episode show cased the very real process that sexual assault victims go through after they have reported the assault to the police, DS Miller showed her sensitive side talking Trish through each and every stage. We were also introduced to some of our potential suspects including Trish’s friend Cath and her husband Jim, it was revealed the assault happened at Cath’s 50th birthday party. Then there’s the farm shop bag that we saw at the end of the first episode with all the items that were used during the assault, the same farm shop that Trish works at with her shifty manager Ed played by Lenny Henry.

Now we know it’s still early days but we already have our suspicions, let the guessing begin…


Ex On The Beach

This week I caught up with MTV’s reality show Ex On The Beach, the show where quite literally peoples ex’s turn up on the beach to confront each other. Now if you want some trashy reality TV look no further than this show. It is filled with a whole host of young, energetic characters, some are looking to rekindle lost love, others hoping to find new love, while the rest are just looking for a short term arrangement. If you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster, a laugh and some shocking drama then look no further than Ex On The Beach.

Last weeks episode saw new girl Frankie show up to the villa to confront Jacques Fraiser as a cheater, after he cheated with Frankie on his then girlfriend Nicole – who might we add is also living in the villa. Fireworks soon sparked as Jacques was forced to tell Nicole the truth about his cheating ways with Frankie. But once Frankie showed up at the villa, Nicole saw red and the drama erupted. Let’s see if things have calmed down this week and if everyone has kissed and made up… Some how we doubt it.


Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising

Now this movie is the sequel to Bad Neighbours, and this weekend it was showing on Sky Cinema. I have to say Bad Neighbours was one of those outrageously funny films that seem so unrealistic but so believable at the time as we’ve all known some seriously bad neighbours. Neighbours 2 sees Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron reprise their characters to take on Chloe Grace Moretz’s new found sorority living next door. This film is full of laugh out loud moments and really is a great easy watch on a Friday night.

Drop us a comment below to let us know what you’ve been watching this week and if you’re loving any of our picks. Or you can get in touch with team Hurley via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading!

Team Hurley


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