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We are about halfway through our current pick, Mrs Hemingway (we hope you’re reading along with us!) so today we’re sharing our thoughts so far…


I have to say so far I am really enjoying this book. At first I did find it a little slow and wasn’t really excited to keep reading on. However as the story progresses I find myself enjoying it more and more. I am intrigued to see what Ernest Hemingway will do next and just how fickle he really is. I am enjoying seeing each wife’s different point of view, being able to see how they handle being left for the next woman. In the case of Hadley and Fifi, I couldn’t help but feel real sympathy for Hadley as she had allowed her husbands mistress to be a part of their lives and even holiday with them, only for Fifi to eventually take Ernest. So when it comes round to Ernest inevitably moving on from Fifi, I couldn’t help but think ‘what did you expect?’.

I’m really enjoying reading each different wife’s perspective and gaining a greater insight into Ernest. I am excited to read on!


I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction so I found this pretty tricky to get into at the beginning. The writing style however is very atmospheric and really pulls you in. I can see the author is trying to paint Ernest Hemingway in a sympathetic light but for me, it’s really REALLY hard to like someone who, while obviously charismatic enough to win the hearts of these women, is clearly incredibly shallow and selfish to behave as he does. I’m even finding it a little bit difficult to feel sympathy for the women who fall for him, their hearts clearly overtake all common sense. The multiple voices make the book interesting and bring the story to life and the sections make the stories easy to follow.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are if you’re reading along!

Today we also have a copy of Mrs Hemingway to give away! To be entered into the draw please leave us a comment here on this post and / or on our Facebook post before midnight on Sunday 7th August and we’ll pick a winner next week. 

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah & Team Hurley


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