Yesterday at Hurley HQ, it was time to celebrate as B joined us full time!

Its been a big scary step, his job was like our safety net, especially in the early days but for the last two years we’ve spoken on and off about when would be a good time for him to leave and join us full time. He decided on a date a couple of times and then didn’t go through with it, I wasn’t quite sure he would this time either if I’m honest! but yesterday was the big day, his last day!

I’ve noticed for the last year or so he’s struggled more with the early starts (he started at 5am) he was getting tired as we got busier here – he would get home around 11am and get straight to work for us, we don’t finish till between 6 and 7pm so it was a long day. He would go to bed between 9 and 10pm and I go back to work until the early hours, often we’d pass like ships in the night as his alarm went off at 4am I’d realise it was time I got to bed. We had little to no social life between the early starts and the long hours we put into our business. He missed out on all the trips and events ¬†because, working at a college, he couldn’t take any time off during term time. We managed to cram in one trip to Germany together earlier this year as he needed to see people for his new business BeeBees Boutique – we landed back in the UK at 11pm and he was back up at 4.30am to go to work. For the last few months he has run his business alongside working for us and doing his job. He never had a day off, never called in sick even when he was as he hates to let anyone down, he’s never once complained but I knew he was fed up. His support for me and my dreams was unwavering, people often ask me what happens if their partner doesn’t support their dreams, in my experience, only having their full support and backing works, so I feel very lucky to have his and I do the same for him. Now I’m so over the moon that he gets to join me and grow our dream together, it feels like a whole new start! *cheers*

Thank you for dropping by today
Sarah x


  1. dianerooney

    Sarah, I’m so happy for you guys. If you’re anything like us, you’re going to love it if you don’t already. We live and work together 24/7 and it truly is our little dream come true. Look forward to catching up properly next week. Lots of love, Di x


  2. haulwendeg

    Congratulations to you both, and well done B for taking that final big step.
    I’m sure now you’re together you’ll only go from strength to strength.
    Looking forward to all the new developments that will undoubtedly follow. Xxx


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