3 Ways with Washi!

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m totally in love with washi tape! I use it in my craft projects, in my diary, on our parcels, anywhere I can basically… So today I’m sharing three of my favourite ways to use washi tape

1. Add a pop of colour!

A Few of My Favourite Things... kit inspiration Close Up 2 - Sarah Hurley Scrapbooking

Like adding layers and texture to your scrapbook pages and cards? hate all the bulk and cutting up full sheets of pretty paper for a tiny bit? me too! well, washi tape is your saviour, just a tiny piece in between your layers adds the colour and texture without the bulk and waste – your pretty paper lives another day, phew!

2. Prettify your planner!

Pimp my Filofax - Sarah Hurley

Stick in journaling cards, reminders and notes, add interest to your columns and section off personal, work and family stuff. You could even use neons to highlight the really important stuff (just write over the top) no more highlighter bleed through!

3. Actual Sticking…

Washi Tape Card Sarah Hurley

Pretty basic but obviously washi tape is, you know, sticky! so use it as a more interesting way of sticking things to your cards and projects (n.b. washi tape isn’t super sticky so you may want to add extra double sided or extra strength tape underneath)

and don’t forget some fancy storage…

washi tape storage - sarah hurley

I’d love to see your washi tape storage so please leave me your links below so I can pop by and check them out!

Thank you for dropping by today.
Sarah x

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