Awkward Moment’s Day!

Awkward moments day

Life is filled with some seriously, embarrassing awkward moments. Whether it be tripping up the stairs on your graduation day, having your skirt tucked into your knickers after popping to the loo, or getting stuck in the tube doors in rush hour, the shame of an awkward moment is something that can stay with us forever. So Sarah thought she would share one of her most memorable, awkward moments, which just so happened to be on live TV #Awks!


‘The picture above was a seriously awkward moment that just so happened when I was presenting on Create & Craft TV a few years ago with Howard, it was a Christmas time show, we were having fun and he said something that tickled me and I just couldn’t stop laughing, I was crying and they cut to a break while I caught my breath but I had mascara all down my face like Alice Cooper for the rest of the show – hilarious!’

Let us know some of your seriously awkward moments by dropping us a comment below, getting in touch via Twitter or Facebook, we can’t wait to hear your stories.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Sarah & Team Hurley


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