The Girl on the Train: Book Club Update

We’ve now finished reading our book club choice The Girl on the Train, so we’re going to let you know exactly what we thought! We must warn you if you haven’t finished the book yet don’t read any further until you have!! *SPOILER ALERT* Chloe I loved, loved the last section of the book. The way in […]


What’s New at Hurley HQ?

We have had a lot of things happening lately at Hurley HQ. It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks, we have launched the Sarah Hurley Book Club, and as some of you may know we recently announced the opening of our very first U.S. office, in sunny Los Angeles. However all of this doesn’t […]


What’s Hot on the Box? with Team Hurley

‘Did you see that programme that was on last night?’ Is generally how each morning kicks off with Team Hurley, armed with mugs of coffee, we usually debate the latest happenings in the world of Soap land, reality t.v. and if you’re anything like Sarah the world of true crime and thriller. So let’s kick […]