Sarah Hurley

Sarah Hurley Book Club – Jemima J.

Our latest book club pick is a bit of throwback. I first read this book, Jemima J, almost *cough* 20 years ago (yep, that makes me feel old!) when it was first published. It’s slightly dated in places because of that but still reads great and the story is still super relevant today, maybe even […]


Sarah Hurley confirms Changes at the Company

International lifestyle brand, Sarah Hurley Ltd, today confirms changes at the company. Following a decade of accelerated expansion, family bereavements in 2019 and 2020, and the ongoing pandemic, the decision has been taken to restructure the company. Despite multiple buyout and investment offers over the last few years, Sarah – President and CEO – has […]


2019 Year In Review

I haven’t done one of these since 2017, the year life changed. In the time between that post and this one everything in my life has changed, here’s what happened this year… 2019 was the year I lost my amazing husband, I became a widow and learned to live life by myself. I went from […]