Our Back To School Tips!

Sarah Hurley Blog - Back to School Gift Guide and Back to School Tips

The first week of September usually means back to school for most of you, so heres a few tips we’ve put together to help you get back into your routine…

1.Grab some cute school supplies – the perfect way to get you set up for the year ahead plus you’ll be so much more excited to get stuck in…have you seen our new 2019 planners and personalised notebooks? to die for.

2.Get organised –  Planning your time ahead can really help to make sure you have time to revise for that test and finish all your projects so make sure to organise your planner, notebooks and backpack to help maximise your time.

3.Set an area dedicated for homework – Choose somewhere at home to be your designated homework area, make sure this is free of distractions such as the dining room table or a space in your room so you can concentrate.

4.Rest – make sure you get plenty of rest each night so your alert and ready for class in the morning, students with less than 8 hours a night may not be as alert during the day.

5.Breakfast and Lunch – Make sure you always have time for breakfast and lunch, this will help keep you focused throughout the day and is vital for your energy levels.

For more of our Back to School favourites check out our Back to School gift guide over on the Sarah Hurley Instagram Story today!

Have a wonderful first day!

Team Hurley xo

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