International Women’s Day 2018

International Womens Day 2018.jpg

Happy International Women’s Day!

There is no force equal to a determined and driven woman. Our achievements are great and numerous and it’s time to stop playing small. Imagine what we could achieve if we all came together and celebrated and encouraged each others wonderful differences, amazing achievements and individual dreams and choices. Celebrate each other instead of comparing, the success of others in no way diminishes your own. Look at those ahead of you on the path as mentors and inspirational role models. Remember that success is individual and different for everyone, your achievements are worthy and amazing and beyond comparison or competition.

There is no quota on success, there’s enough out there for everyone and celebrating someone else will never harm yours, let’s empower and support each other through our individual journeys and collective successes.

I have been lucky enough to have fabulous role models and mentors along my journey and I hope the mentoring I give to others does the same for them. Giving back is so important, build your network of strong, fabulous women achieving amazing things together and supporting each other and cheering each other on every step of the way!

These are just a few of the ways you celebrate and empower others.

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah xo

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