2017 in Review

2017 in review Sarah Hurley.jpeg

This one is a little late, I know! I wasn’t quite sure I was going to do this at all to be honest. In the second half of last year, life changed dramatically, it’s something I’ll be keeping private, at least for right now and I wasn’t quite sure how to write this post skirting over that. I started and gave up so many times but then I reread some of my previous posts and remembered how much I like to have those to look back on so here goes, my best shot!

2017 started with my trip to Creativation in it’s new home of Phoenix, Arizona, my first visit there. It was a very busy show and passed by SO fast! It seems bizarre that I’m heading back there next week. Back in the UK I sponsored the Gift of The Year Awards at Spring Fair and attended Stitches – I can honestly say that last year was the BEST trade show season I’ve ever had, personally and professionally, I have SO many good memories (and some hilarious photos and videos!) to look back on, if this years one is half as good, I’ll be VERY happy!

Later in the year I supported Be Bold for Change for International Women’s Day and celebrate being a Pushy Little Madam!

In May we held the first ever Sarah Hurley LIVE! USA which was AMAZING! thank you to everyone that attended. Information about this years Sarah Hurley LIVE! USA and UK events will be available very soon. I also visited Hawaii for the Silhouette Summit to get news on their fabulous new products, make plans for the year ahead and had an amazing time with friends and colleagues.

On my way back to the UK, I went back to LA to work on some TV projects both in front and behind the camera, I can’t wait to share more about these soon!

This year was my best Birthday week I can remember, from my blue birthday cake from B, to my parents visiting and amazing times with my friends. I usually hate my birthday but this year was amazing! Shortly after was the One Big Show with AFCI UK and once again I headed up the Creative Dragons panel, one of my favourite things, I love to help other businesses and it inspires me so much to watch their journeys!

At the Brand Licensing Show I felt we really nailed our exhibition stand, we had SO many compliments on it even from really big companies with huge fancy stands. I also got the chance to be Barbie in the life-size Barbie box, launched my second Spook Street book and was invited back to LA for talks with an exciting new company I’ll be working with this year.

The Pitch launched shortly after, with it’s first stop at Crafting Live – this has been amazing and I can’t wait for more this year (if you’d like to learn more or apply, see the post here!)

The year ended with a crazy Christmas season and was to be honest, a bit of a blur!

This year I’ve struggled with the hardest things, had the worst anxiety of my life (still working on this one!), questioned everything and had some of the worst times of my life, but looking back there were also some of the best. It’s amazing how life can be so wonderful and so terrible at the same time, I guess thats what makes you stronger!

Overall, I’m VERY glad to see the back of 2017, I’m half looking forward to and half terrified of 2018 but I have faith it can and will be better.

I hope your 2017 was much more amazing than mine and I hope 2018 will be kind to us all! Let’s make it fantastic…

Sarah x

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