Join Team Hurley – We’re Hiring + Dream Job Tips!

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Exciting times at Hurley Central as we are hiring! Check out the latest vacancies here and you could be the newest member of Team Hurley.

I also really wanted to use this as a chance to share a few tips with you. As we’ve done this a few times now, I’ve seen from an employers perspective some really common mistakes and hopefully these few tips should help some of you land your Dream Job, even if thats not part of our team. So, here goes!

Firstly, always read the job ad carefully and follow the instructions. This is your first chance to show your prospective employer that you can follow instructions, so do it right! If it says a CV and covering letter make sure you do that. I can’t tell you how many people don’t bother to send a covering letter when we specifically ask for one. It completely wastes your time and ours as it counts you out at step one! When there are lots of applicants, this can be the difference between a yes and a no. If they ask for a portfolio, be sure to include the link. If it says call, do that (also, if it doesn’t say call, don’t do that! the information an employer wants to give you is in the advert, if it’s not there, there’s probably a reason, and I can guess that they probably don’t have time to answer lots of questions from multiple people for days – don’t frustrate them before you start, make an impression for the right reason! – You can always ask all those questions at the interview)

Secondly, use your covering letter or email to really stand out. CV’s start blurring into one after a while, especially if you get hundreds of them with similar experience. The way to stand out is with your covering letter or email note. Add in a bit more about you, show some personality, clarify why you’re a perfect fit, this is the ideal place to stand out and show why YOU are better than the 100+ other people for that role, grab it with both hands! Remember you can always use this to send to your dream employer even if there isn’t a current role available with them. In some cases, they may be able to create a role for you in others they will have you foremost in their mind when something does come up, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Thirdly, really think about WHY you want THAT particular job and what YOU can bring to the role and then communicate that. For some of you, that may be just to escape a job you don’t like so much but think before you do that. A patchy job history doesn’t look great and can look like a lack of commitment to a potential employer. If you take a job just to escape another one you’ll probably end up in the same position in a few months time – all jobs, even your dream one, have their bad points and it’s much better to get some solid experience in one place (better the devil you know, right!) while you figure out what you REALLY want and wait for your dream job to come up, you’ll be in a MUCH better position when it does!

Finally, when you land that interview, do your research, ask great questions, clarify why you’re a great fit and make sure it’s everything you expect it to be and you feel comfortable with the people interviewing you – you’re interviewing them too! It has to be a great fit from both sides or it just won’t work. And of course, once you land your dream job (woohooooo!) be sure to work hard, show commitment and be helpful. Like any relationship, it’s easy to become complacent and let things slide but remember, if it’s your dream job, it’s probably someone else’s too. Communicate with your employer over any frustrations before they grow into big issues and keep showing your unique gifts so you’re ready for any promotions (if that’s what you want!)

Most of all, be yourself and good luck!

Sarah x

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