The Marriage Pact – Sarah Hurley Book Club & Giveaway!


This book grabs you from the very beginning with a dramatic encounter with Jake, the husband of the couple in The Marriage Pact. He then takes you back to the beginning of the story, all we know is, something pretty bad has happened to him and he doesn’t want to endanger his wife, Alice, by sharing it with her. We go back to the start of how they ended up in ‘The Pact’

At the halfway point, I can honestly say I cannot put this down. The main characters, Jake and Alice, are just everyday people, working hard, trying their best, struggling to juggle work, personal life and their marriage as best they can, it’s totally relatable. We’re also introduced to a cast of fascinating characters within ‘The Pact’ and I’m dying to know more! About Pact member / leader Vivian and old friend JoAnne especially. The story builds and builds as you get further in. is it a cult? Will they survive? Will they escape? I literally can’t wait to find out (while also not wanting it to be over!)

My verdict so far, completely riveting, creepier than a blind date with Tom Cruise and a MUST read for this of you who love psychological thrillers or less scary horrors (for the creepiness alone)

*Giveaway alert* Because I LOVE this book so much I want to share the love, so I’m offering a copy to one lucky reader (BIG thanks to the books publisher Penguin for donating a copy for this giveaway) Pop over to my Facebook page and leave a comment on the Book Club Giveaway post to be in with a chance of winning!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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