What’s On The Box?! With Sarah


It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, but here’s a round up of what I’ve been loving on Netflix recently!

First up, I’m SO happy that one of my favourite EVER shows has been added, Shark Tank! I discovered this on a flight to the US a couple of years ago and binge watched about 9 hours straight of it, I’ve then managed to catch it a few times on US flights but now there are some episodes on Netflix (yay!) hopefully more will follow. This is the US version of Dragon’s Den (for those of you not in the US who may not have seen it or heard of it) and features a panel of sharks listening to business pitches. There are some amazing businesses and some funny ones that come through the door and I find it SO inspiring and motivating to watch. I’ve also got a special interest now I’ve been a Shark / Dragon myself a few times!

Sarah Hurley Blog Casting JonBenet Netflix Picks

Secondly, I finally got around to watching the Netflix Original, Casting JonBenet about the tragic murder of a child pageant star. I remember reading everything I could about this case when it happened, in the National Enquirer (don’t judge! at the time that was pretty much the only way to get US news), which me and my friend had to sneak because our parents would never have let us read it! This fascinating documentary (I think!) is part casting session / audition and part documentary. It covers lots of theories and talks to the actors and others involved and whatever your opinion on this case, you’ll find it questioned, it’s thought provoking and cleverly (and fairly sensitively, all things considered) done and I’ll be going back to watch this a second time for sure.

Finally, last but not least! My First Home is a new reality series recently added helping people who have struggled for whatever reason (too picky, wrong area etc…) to find and buy their first home. I love a good nosy anyway so watching them look around different houses is fascinating. It’s also been great for me to see and hear about different US neighbourhoods and areas. If you like programmes like Location, Location, Location, you’ll love this one!

Let me know what you’ve been watching on Netflix this month or are planning on watching from the new releases or if you’ve been loving the same shows as me. Drop us a comment below, send me a message on Facebook here or Tweet us!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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