Sarah Hurley Book Club – Confidence: The Secret

Sarah Hurley book Club Read Confidence the Secret Katie Piper

Our latest book club pick was Confidence – The Secret by Katie Piper. I really hope you got to read along with me on this one!

The book is broken down into various sections such as self esteem, confidence, happiness and more and all draw on Katie’s own experiences. I’ve followed Katie’s story for years and think the work she has done with her foundation is incredible, so it was lovely to hear more of the inside story of her journey.

There is a real honesty in the book about issues we can probably all relate to such learning to say no, coping with stress in unhealthy ways, prioritising your own happiness and so much more. This feels like a book of things your mum, best friend or big sister would / should say to you and it’s one I know I will continue to dip in and out of, re-reading sections when I struggle with certain things.

If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy, pick one up today! I’d love to know what you think.

Thank you for reading along with us! Let us know if you’ve read along with us, we would love to know your thoughts. If you’d like to recommend a book for the Sarah Hurley Book Club, get in touch via Twitter or Facebook or just drop us a comment below.

Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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