What’s On The Box?! With Sarah


I’m back this week with another round up of Netflix goodness!

First, one I wasn’t so keen on. I had been anticipating the release of the GirlBoss series since it was announced.

Netflix Girlboss Whats on the Box Sarah Hurley Blog

I binge watched the whole thing over two days as soon as it was released but unfortunately I just didn’t love it I have to be honest. Sophia, who came across pretty brash and forthright in the Girlboss book, was just made to be completely unlikeable in the series until right at the very end. She showed no consideration for anyone around her throughout and while some may see that as empowering and strong, for me it came across selfish and disrespectful. While entrepreneurs do have to be single minded and determined, it doesn’t hurt at all to show consideration, kindness and respect for others, something that was sadly lacking in this, even towards her best friend who helped her so much. It was only right at the end she showed some humanity, when she was hurt herself, but by that time I think it was too late. I’m glad I watched it but I wouldn’t go back for a second series if one is made.

Secondly, something I just noticed was added yesterday, Slasher! I actually have this on DVD and LOVE it but now it’s on Netflix I will be watching it again. It’s very much Scream-esque in its storyline and set up, it feels a little bit nostalgic 90’s although it was only made last year and it’s a definite must watch if you like a somewhat cheesy old-style horror (who doesn’t!)

Last but not least, a good old Prison Documentary! LockUp – First Timers. This is a fascinating series behind the bars of various jails in the USA and speaking to lots of different criminals, giving you a look at the actual person behind the crimes and their reasons. It’s a fascinating perspective on criminology (a throwback to my law days I guess!) The thing I found most interesting is where they take school kids who have got themselves in trouble (knives, drugs etc…) and give them a look at where they could end up if they don’t change their ways. The prisoners play along to shake them up as much as possible and give them a real taste of what prison life is like and make sure they aren’t tempted to misbehave again. If you’re not a fan of the ‘tough love’ approach this may not be for you but for me I thought it was a great way to keep kids out of jail, show them it isn’t like you see in movies and get them back on the straight and narrow before they go too far. Also, if you like slightly inappropriate humour, there are some laughs throughout which helps to lighten things slightly on an otherwise serious topic.

Let me know what you’ve been watching on Netflix this month or are planning on watching from the new releases or if you’ve been loving the same shows as me. Drop us a comment below, send me a message on Facebook here or Tweet us!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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