Keep you Close – Sarah Hurley Book Club Update

Keep you Close Lucie Wjitehouse Sarah Hurley Book Club Pick

I was completely gripped from the Prologue of this psychological thriller. Starting with a jarring encounter leading to a tragedy, I couldn’t wait to start chapter one where we meet  Rowan, learning of the death of her friend, Marianne. Rowan and Marianne had  obviously had a troubled history but there appears to be a deep bond (I haven’t yet fully discovered why at the point in the book I’m up to!)

Lucie’s writing style is very evocative and draws you in from the beginning to set the scene and give some history of the characters. This is paced just enough to keep you interested without making the plot too easy to guess. For me, some of the early chapters felt a bit redundant, this is not a criticism but more a reflection of the type of books I like to read. As I think I’ve mentioned, I have a very low attention span and like to be kept gripped as I go through, books, films etc… they have to really draw me in and keep my attention and this one, I faltered with in those early chapters because the writing style is more literary, painting a picture and setting the mood and the tone of the book and laying the groundwork. If you love this more literary style of writing this is a very good example of this style of writing and definitely one to pick up.

I’m pleased to say, I persevered, with the excellent prologue in mind, I was determined to get to the end and find out exactly what happened and after those first few chapters, I was once again hooked and drawn back in. If, like me, you’re more of the ‘fast paced action’ reader then please do bear that in mind!

With that said, I can’t wait to devour the second half of this book and discover the real bond between these two friends and of course, the mystery behind the death of Marianne.

Thank you for reading along with us! Let us know if you’ve read Keep You Close or if you’re reading along with us, we would love to know your thoughts. Get in touch via Twitter or Facebook or just drop us a comment below.

Sarah x

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