National Tea Day


Huraaah, it’s National Tea Day! As some pretty big tea drinkers here at Hurley HQ, National Tea Day sparked a debate about how to make the perfect cuppa. Milk before water? Sugar after water? Earl Grey or green tea? The combinations are endless and after much debate, we wanted to let you know what our favourite tea combinations are!


I am a standard English Breakfast Tea kind of girl. I like mine with a little dash of milk and one and a half spoonfuls of sugar. I alwaaaays put the milk in after the water to make sure the ratios are perfect for my dark, brewed cuppa tea!


I am the complete opposite to Chloe, my tea always has to be a big mug of Earl Grey and of course nice and milky. No sugar for me, and obviously the only way to make a tea is to put the milk in before the water, right?

Check out our perfect mugs for your perfect tea here!

The debate on how to make the perfect cup of tea is on-going! Let us know what your favourite tea is, are you a milk before water person? Sugar, no sugar? We would love to hear from you, drop us a comment below, tweet us or get in touch via Facebook. Help Hurley HQ put an end to this tea-drama!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah & Team Hurley


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