The Cows: Book Club Review

Sarah Hurley Book Club Pick The Cows

This month we have been reading writer and television presenter, Dawn O’Porter’s new novel The Cows. Let us tell you what we thought!


When we was sent our copies of The Cows by Dawn O’Porter, we couldn’t wait to jump straight in, the eye-catching front cover and the ‘Don’t Follow The Herd’ had me intrigued from the get go.

The novel revolves around our 3 female protagonists, Tara, Cam and Stella. Tara is a single mum, working full time at a television production company whilst caring for her daughter. Cam is a successful 30 something singleton in London, running a million pound blog. Meanwhile Stella has recently been dumped, desperately wants to become a mother and is trying to find her way in life since she lost her twin sister Alice, to ovarian cancer.

All 3 of the characters were relatable at different stages, they all have the ability to reflect times throughout a woman’s life and show how each and every person deals with things like grief, work and children very differently. Dawn wrote with a strong female voice for all three of our ladies, and really told me as a reader that there are no set of rules, and no wrongs or rights to growing up as a woman.

Social media and the digital age that we live in also had a role to play within the book, and although I felt as though the tube scene was quite outrageous, the scenarios that played out afterward reflected the highs and lows to media. I particularly loved Cam and found her voice the most powerful, she voiced her opinions without any fear of being judged by others.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was full of highs, lows and laugh out loud moments. It is a great book and once I’d finished it, I honestly did feel quite inspired. Would definitely recommend this book for a good read!


I really enjoyed this book too, the voices were so distinct and strong that it was really easy to follow each woman’s story throughout the book. I feel like no matter who you are, you will relate to at least parts of one of these characters. I will say, that as many of you know, I’m a bit of a prude and I did find myself skipping over some of the more explicit parts of this book as it was a little too much for me but if you like a bit of raciness, it won’t bother you too much!

The book touches on lots of female issues, grief, love, loss, social media scandal and trolling to name a few! I was also so pleased she included a childfree character in Cam as so few books do, most female literature shows women as mothers or potential / future / struggling mothers and there are very few representations of childfree by choice women, I really appreciated the strong portrayal in this book. This is a definite must read and I’ll be passing my copy on to one of my friends to read!

Thank you for reading along with us. Let us know what you thought of Dawn O’Porter’s The Cows by dropping us a comment below, Tweet us or get in touch via Facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading today.

Sarah & Team Hurley


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