Grilled Cheese Day


Photo Credit: Pinterest

When we heard today was Grilled Cheese Day, how could we not discuss it. We mean who doesn’t love Cheese right?! Melted, on pasta, in a sandwich or by it’s self Cheese is simply an essential to life. So to celebrate Grilled Cheese Day we wanted to share with you our favourite recipes.


I love, love, love my grilled cheese with Leerdammer Cheese topped with Caramelised Onions! It is pure perfection and quite simply the only way to enjoy a grilled cheese that’s for sure!


My choice of grilled cheese is always cheddar cheese, topped within onions and finished off with tomato. Perfect!


Now mine is the simplest form of grilled cheese but most definitely the best and most tasty and that’s just cheddar cheese. No special toppings or extra additions, just cheese!

We would love to hear what your favourite Grilled Cheese recipe is, drop us a comment below, Tweet us or send us a message on Facebook.

Thanks for reading

Team Hurley


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