What’s On The Box?! With Sarah


There’s been a huge range of new additions to Netflix this month, with so much variety to choose from narrowing the options down to just 3 is almost impossible. But I got there in the end, take a look at some of my favourite picks!

First up, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, this fantastic series follows on from the film Lizzie Borden Took An Axe (also on Netflix) and stars Christina Ricci as the terrifying Lizzie Borden. I was SO pleased to see this added to Netflix UK this month – I love this continuation from the film and how it’s been dramatised. A super chilling series for the horror / thriller fans among you!

Secondly, some 90’s nostalgia for you, Party of Five, also added to Netflix UK this month. I didn’t watch this the first time around but I remember my friends talking about it. It stars a super young Neve Campbell and Matthew Fox (from Lost) and follows a family left orphaned and coping with the pressures of running a home and family after the sudden death of their parents. This isn’t as depressing as it sounds and has moments of humour and drama as well as sadness as they try to adjust to their new lives.

Finally, another throwback, awkward comedy series I’m Alan Partridge which I could probably watch a million times and never get bored of, is a MUST watch! I’ve seen this so many times before but still cry laughing at the hapless Alan, his extreme awkwardness is just totally relatable to me and cracks me up every time. A definite must watch whether you’ve seen it before or not!

I’m really looking forward to some of the new shows I’ve heard are coming to Netflix UK this month and can’t wait for my next round up!Let me know what you’ve been watching on Netflix this month or are planning on watching from the new releases or if you’ve been loving the same shows as me. Drop us a comment below, send me a message on Facebook here or Tweet us!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Sarah xo

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