This week I have some of my current Netflix faves for you! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

Project Runway – I never really watched this when it was on TV but I started watching it during a bout of insomnia a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked, getting through a season in two days! The mix of creative, competition and fashion is just amazing and I love this, I’m totally hooked and halfway through the next season already! A bit like RuPaul;s Drag Race, one of my previous loves, It’s an entertaining easy watch and I’m so happy there are a few seasons here for me to get stuck into.

American Crime Story – The People vs O.J. Simpson – I was hooked on this story and trial in real life as it was happening. I was about 12 when this happened I remember that first car chase and later the court TV was broadcast late at night, my mum and I were hooked on it and would stay up will the early hours watching. This series was absolutely like reliving it, the tragedy of the lives lost, the courtroom drama playing out and the shock at the verdict. The cast were phenomenal (shout out to my fave Sarah Paulson who killed it as Marcia Clark, once again proving she can do no wrong!) it’s completely gripping, emotional,  thought provoking and a complete must watch.


My last (but by no means least!) choice this week is The Santa Clarita Diet, this comedy / zombie horror / family drama is just the funniest, goriest thing I have seen in ages and I’m so happy I’m currently getting to watch it a second time as I managed to persuade B he needs to watch it (he’s not a fan of zombie / gory stuff usually) although this is gory though it has a very ‘normal’ element to it as it’s all set within a normal suburban family life. I laughed out loud even on the second run through. The characters are superb and it has zombies which is always a no brainer (ha!) for me. Fingers crossed for a second season of this one (please, Netflix!)

I’d love to know your fave Netflix picks, leave me a note in the comments and if you watch any of these, let me know what you think!

Sarah x

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