Mills & Boon Month: Book Club Update

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February has come and gone, with Valentine’s Day and Storm Doris causing a stir, at least we still have Pancake Day to look forward too! But before we let February 2017 go for good we have to share our thoughts on our book club reads, Always The Best Man by Michelle Major and A Deal With Alejandro by Maya Blake.


I read A Deal With Alejandro by Maya Blake, in case you missed my first update I have to admit that I was not enjoying the book at all. I found it boring and predictable, however I am now pleased to say the book pleasantly surprised me. I mean it isn’t a book I would have chose to read, so I am glad that I gave it a go, and although it was fairly predictable I did quite enjoy it.

We finally got to see the other dimensions to the characters and saw Alejandro’s softer side which made him a more likeable character overall. That final twist at the end of the book was great and really was unexpected, I liked that there was that element of surprise, especially as I felt as though I knew exactly what was going to happen from the start.

Although it isn’t my favourite book club read, I am glad I read it and was pleasantly surprised.


Well, there were no surprises in my book but that was kind of comforting really! I liked the story and the characters were really likeable. Even though I knew what would happen at the end it was nice to see it come together as I started to relate to the characters throughout the book and it was great to see them happy at the end.

If you’re a fan of an easy read with a warm glow and a nice safe ending, like a Hallmark movie, then these Cherish Mills & Boon book series is the way to go for sure! It was much more modern that I expected and the characters were strongly written. I’m not really a fan of books that have too much explicit content but this was quite tame, thankfully! (I think the series Chloe read from has a bit more sauce if thats your thing!)

If you can find the documentary I mentioned in my previous post about writing a Mills & Boon book that would definitely give you another perspective on these books, it’s so interesting!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a copy of a Mills & Boon book here!

Thank you for reading along with us today, drop us a comment below or get in touch via our social media and let us know what you thought of this month’s reading picks!

Sarah & Team Hurley


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