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Is it sad that I have now found myself looking forward to my weekly dramas?! I can’t even deny it, some of the dramas on TV are so good at the moment that they could even be films! This week I have been binging on an awful lot of TV and I am sorry to say that I don’t regret a thing. This week all 3 of my chosen shows are from BBC One, they’ve kicked 2017 off with a major dramatic bang!!

Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard - early release

Photo Credit: BBC/Kudos/Nick Briggs

I have been absolutely hooked on Apple Tree Yard! I must warn you now if you’re not up to date I will be speaking about last night’s finale so stop reading now.

When I initially saw the trailer for Apple Tree Yard I was seriously intrigued, I knew the new series had been adapted from the hugely successful novel written by Louise Doughty, but I had no idea what it was actually about. After the first 45 minutes of the opening episode, I thought is this it? It was filled with a lot of intimate scenes of the main character Yvonne, a middle aged scientist who randomly met Marc Costly whilst attending a meeting at the House of Commons. The pair hit it off instantly and a passionate affair soon followed. However the first episode was left on a shock cliff hanger after Yvonne was violently sexually assaulted by her work colleague.

As the episodes unravelled, it appeared as though Yvonne’s life was completely turned upside down. She felt as though she couldn’t confide in her husband Gary or the police, and after being stalked by her attacker George Selway, enough was enough! Slight hints had shown us that Marc Costly worked within the security services, it was assumed that Marc was part of MI5, and so Yvonne felt as though she could turn to him. The pair had planned to ‘scare’ George Selway, so that the stalking would stop and he would finally leave her alone. However everything went a little too far with the pair being arrested and on trial for the murder of George Selway.

The final episode was full of twists, turns and shocking revelations. Although I wasn’t always rooting for Yvonne as I sometimes found her actions slightly questionable, she was sucked into a lie and fell for the line that Marc was feeding her. Not only did he not work for MI5, he was in fact rejected due to his mental health issues, whereby he would fabricate the truth and take things a little too literally. He was not the man she thought and ultimately they both paid the price.

I would highly recommend giving this drama a watch, it is truly gripping and I honestly did not know what was going to happen. It ends with a fantastic twist and genuinely makes your heart race with the sheer uncertainty! Brilliant!


Spy In The Wild

This brilliant series is all about seeing animals in their natural environment. Scientists and technology experts, designed animatronic spy creatures to go undercover in the wild to get amazing footage of a variety of animals in their natural habitat.

Some of the spy creatures included an amazing ape that had a number of incredible functions to make it as life like as possible, there was also a sloth, hippo and a meerkat. The footage that was captured from these spy creatures was truly revolutionary, revealing so much about a variety of creatures in the wild. The show allowed us as viewers to discover so much more about these animals sensitive sides and how they deal with issues like birth, death and survival! Not to mention David Tennant’s brilliant narration skills. I would definitely recommend this one on BBC iPlayer, perfect for a chilled Sunday afternoon.


Death In Paradise


Photo Credit: BBC

Death In Paradise has to be one of my favourite shows, it is just one of those happy feel good shows, and even though each episode is certainly surrounded by the demise of one of it’s characters it somehow keeps you upbeat and happy throughout. It may be the beautiful scenic backdrop of the fictional town St. Marie, known to me and you as the island of Guadeloupe.

Last week’s episode was the beginning of the shows first ever two-parter, seeing DI Humphrey Goodman and his team having to go to London in order to solve this weeks case. It was sadly revealed last week that Kris Marshall’s character Humphrey will sadly be leaving the show and this will be his last series. In the last episode we were introduced to  DI Jack Mooney played by Father Ted star Ardal O’Hanlon, who will be the stars new lead character.

With a different story every week, a beautiful back drop of blue skies and scenic beaches, this is the perfect programme to watch to give you a little boost before the weekend begins. I would highly recommend it if you want to escape for an hour on a Thursday night.


If you have watched any the programmes featured and want to let us know what you thought, drop us a comment below or get in touch with us via our social media pages, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe @ Team Hurley





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