Lean In: Book Club Update

January is nearly over and the year is flying by. Our first book club pick of 2017 was Lean In by the fantastic Sheryl Sandberg. Let us tell you all exactly what we thought.




I have to say this was not my kind of book, and so it was a bit of a push for me to actually read it. I’m not really into business style books and I’m sad to say this one hasn’t changed my opinion. However I can see what the appeal would be for other readers, it was a very engaging book and the issues that Sandberg raises are important ones. After reading each chapter I did feel inspired and uplifted, and felt the need to attempt change to stamp out inequality. I am glad this book highlights so many issues within society today and the struggles that women still face in business.

However this would not usually be something I would read so felt slightly disinterested. But overall the book delivers a powerful message in a great way and if that is what you are looking for then this book is for you.


This is my second read of this book and even second time around I love this book. For me it’s a great every now and then read to get you back on track. Both motivating and inspiring, the whole ‘Lean In’ principle is an important one and this book addresses it clearly and concisely. I would say that this book is geared more towards family orientated women though with a lot of issues around childcare and juggling a young family / childcare etc… addressed here. As someone childfree these parts of the book were not relevant to me, however no book is perfect!

Regardless of your position or situation, if you’re an ambitious person, I feel that there is a message in this book that will resonate for you, even if it’s only to remind you to speak up and be heard!


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Thank you for stopping by today. Please do drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought of our latest book club read, or get in touch with us via our social media.

See you again soon.

Sarah & Team Hurley


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