2016 in Review


Over on Instagram people have been sharing their best nine pictures, I thought it was a great way to share a wrap up of 2016 with you all so here it is…

In 2016… we rebranded, opened our second UK office and expanded it, doubled our (fantastic!) team, opened our first international office in the USA, I visited LA (lots! Whoop! 🎉) Hawaii (amazing!!) and Germany before travelling around U.K., USA and Europe on a sellout speaking tour telling the story of starting my business with £40 and growing it to a seven figure company in 5 years, that ended with my own Sarah Hurley LIVE! event here in my home town and people came from literally all over the world to see us and hear my story – I was so blown away!

We launched a book club and around 500 new products and sent out thousands of orders all over the world. We partnered with Lean In and I became a partner ambassador for NOTHS and an Ambassador and co-presenter for Create & Craft TV. We hosted a fantastic CHA-UK event – I was a dragon on the Creative Dragons panel meeting lots of wonderful entrepreneurs.

I wrote, published and launched my first children’s novel at the Licensing show in London and spent time behind the camera (for a change!) at Pinewood and in studios in LA learning about TV production and screenwriting for my own TV project.

I also drunk a huge amount of tea, bought a ridiculous amount of stationery, discovered Snapchat (mostly after too many wines, oooops!) and dealt with crazy anxiety, massive highs and crashing lows. I learned about true love and true friendship and came out of the year stronger which is really all you can ask for.

This was actually the first New Years Eve I didn’t cry for a long LONG time because usually I sob like a baby at the end of the year and feel terrible thinking I haven’t achieved nearly enough that year. But this year, I wasn’t sorry to see the back of the year, I’m ready for a new one! and I feel like I actually achieved something – yay!

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year and don’t have too much of a sore head this morning. Today I’m spending my last day in my little cosy Christmas bubble with B and Fuzzybutt before we get back to work tomorrow planning, organising and getting ready for the year ahead, I hope its a fantastic one for everyone!

Sarah x

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