Our Favourite Books of 2016

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This year we launched the Sarah Hurley Book Club. Every 4 weeks a new book is chosen and reviewed by Sarah and Chloe at Team Hurley, you our lovely readers also read along with us and let us know exactly what you thought. We have read our way through quite a few books this year and Sarah and us at Team Hurley would love to share with you some of our favourites!


There have been a lot of great books throughout the year, and choosing favourites has definitely been tough! But I have to say one of my absolute faves this year has to be The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. There was such suspense throughout the entire book and it genuinely was a mystery as to ‘who done it’, I loved the fact we saw the same story from three very different women. It added that mysterious factor and also allowed us to look into each one of their lives! I have to say I loved the book and loved the movie adaptation that was released in October. Both brilliant but of course the book wins!

Now this one was not on our Book Club reading list this year, it’s an oldie yet such a goodie! Whilst on my summer holidays this year I thought I would re-read Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding – and I am so glad I did! I had forgotten how good this one actually is, I found myself genuinely laughing out loud on my sun lounger with quite a few odd stares. Bridget’s wit, humour and down right bad luck are the perfect combination for a great book. I have to say if you haven’t read this one in a while please do go back and give it a read it will add a touch of happiness to your life.


I’ve not managed to read quite as much this year as I normally would, mostly because the year has passed by in such a blur! I’m so glad we launched the book club for this reason, it keeps me motivated to read and on track to get through my never ending reading pile – I’ve also discovered some absolute gems I may not have chosen myself.

It’s so hard to pick a book club favourite but I think I’d have to say Pride, Prejudice & Zombies (though I do mean the graphic novel version, I think thats allowed!) it got me back into graphic novels and comic books which I haven’t really read since I finished the Walking Dead ones about a year ago. I’ve seen the book club list for next year and I’m SO excited for the great books we have coming up!

My favourite ‘old favourite’ book would have to be Still Life by Joy Fielding

I discovered this thriller writer about 15 years ago and just L-O-V-E her work. I’ve read, I think, all her books and still re-read them over and over. This year I had the chance to re-read a couple and this is my current favourite. A chilling account of a woman locked in a coma, she can hear everything, she discovers who tried to kill her but she can do nothing in her unconscious state. Absolutely gripping!! Definitely pick up a copy.

Thank you for reading throughout the year with us! Please do drop us a comment below or get in touch with us via our Social Media and let us know what some of your favourites have been this year. We look forward to joining you all in the Sarah Hurley Book Club next year!

Sarah & Team Hurley


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