What’s On The Box?! With Sarah


This week I have some of my current Netflix faves for you! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

Gilmore Girls – I’ve mentioned this before but this week I finished the series! Just in time for the new one coming in November. I LOVED this series so so much, I was so sad and happy to finish it! Now, no spoilers, BUT I’m so glad the new one is coming, I found the final one a bit underwhelming and with SO many unanswered questions, I’d have been so frustrated if there wasn’t more to come – now I’m counting down!

Who Took Johnny – A fascinating documentary on the disappearance of a young boy in America in the 1980’s. This story has so many twists and turns and by the end of it I was still none the wiser as to what happened. I’ll definitely be rematching this one again to see if I can get more of an insight, I was compelled to google this story after and learn more about it (I actually only watched this as Netflix recommended it for me!) a fascinating and highly recommended watch!

and another documentary this week The Witness, Another fascinating true crime account, this time entered on the murder of a young woman in 1964 in America. This was so moving as the narrator, the woman’s brother Bill Genovese, discovered so much about his sister both while she was alive and the night of her death. This case changed so much at the time and since, yet I had never heard of it before (and I’m a true crime fan) so it was a real education for me.

I’d love to know your fave Netflix picks, leave me a note in the comments and if you watch any of these, let me know what you think!

Sarah x

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