The Girl on the Train: Film Review


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We launched the Sarah Hurley Book Club way back in June. It has proven to be a great success and it’s safe to say we kicked off the book club with a smashing read! Yep you guessed it, it was Paula Hawkins’ smash hit The Girl on the Train. It’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was full of twists and turns and left you in suspense and with some seriously shocking revelations. So when we found out the bestseller was going to be turned into a movie, we had some reservations. It is so rare to find a film adaptation of a book that is anywhere near as good as the book. So let us make this clear from the get go, it’s not as good as the book!

Let us just start by saying we thought the film was fantastic!

In case you don’t know, The Girl on the Train surrounds the lives of 3 different women who are all closely linked. There’s Rachel a heartbroken alcoholic, Anna the woman who now lives with Rachel’s ex husband Tom, and Megan the lady who lives 3 doors down from Anna and who plays part time Nanny to Anna & Tom’s daughter. Megan’s sudden disappearance sends all of the characters lives on different paths! Now we won’t say anymore because we urge you all to either read the book or head to the cinema.


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Emily Blunt gave a compelling performance as the films protagonist Rachel. An alcoholic, divorcee, who’s husband is now living in their old house with his mistress (now wife) and their baby. Emily played Rachel brilliantly, her drunken slurs extremely convincing not to mention her ability to play an extremely convincing alcoholic even through those sober moments.

Even though we knew exactly how the story would go, it is still just as shocking. The entire cast completely fit and the book really does come to life. Even when you know the action, drama and violence is coming it can still make you gasp and hold your breath!


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

There has been a lot of comparisons of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. We have also seen Gone Girl and have to say we felt as though it was a bit too graphic, where as, even though the violence is more graphic in this film than in the book it isn’t too overpowering to the point where you can’t watch.

We highly recommend this film to anyone, but we will say read the book first!

Hope you all enjoy!


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Thanks for reading.

Team Hurley



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