Sarah Hurley Partners with Lean In!


Today we are beyond excited to announce something we’ve been keeping a secret for a while! As many of you know, I know travel all over the world speaking on business topics, I try as hard as I can to offer mentoring and guidance through my work with CHA-UK and as I travel and meet fabulous entrepreneurs from all over the world. Encouraging women not only to start and grow their businesses (entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but success is!) but to be strong, succeed, shine, support and empower each other. It’s something I firmly believe in. All too often women tear each other down, belittle others achievements instead of being steadfast, strong, supportive and as proud of each other as we are for ourselves, a victory for one is a victory for all in the end.

So today, I’m proud to say we have partnered with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In a cause that is a natural fit for us and helps me and us at Hurley HQ to give back even more. As Lean In Partners, we will be able to connect with more of you from all over the world, encourage, support and inspire.

We will be sharing more about our partnership over the coming weeks and months and those of you coming to Sarah Hurley LIVE! will have some sneak previews of exciting things we’re working on too.

For those of you who may not have heard of Lean In, please do check out their website or pick up a copy of the book (we will of course have this as part of the Sarah Hurley Book Club soon!

What is LeanIn.Org?

LeanIn.Org was founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to empower all women to achieve their ambitions. We offer inspiration and support through our network of 900+ partners, an online community, free expert lectures, and Lean In Circles, small peer groups who meet regularly to share and learn together.

Since the organization’s launch in March 2013—following the release of the bestselling book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead—the LeanIn.Org community has grown to over 1.2M women and men and more than 29,000 Lean In Circles in over 147 countries. LeanIn.Org is a private operating nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

About Sarah Hurley

Sarah founded her eponymous brand and company in 2010 with just £40 and a vision. The brand has since gone from strength to strength and Sarah now leads an International team developing her product range that now comprises of beautiful and useful creative kits, gifts, stationery, children’s products, homeware and more, an established creative lifestyle blog and associated social media channels and Sarah Hurley Publishing, producing a range of online and print titles. Sarah also works with other companies in the creative sector as a Brand Ambassador and Product Development and Marketing Advisor in addition to guest presenting on Shopping TV, writing for a series of magazines as a creative and business expert, is a published author, business advocate and International public speaker.

Elected to the CHA-UK board of Directors in 2014, Sarah (currently head of Events and Education committee) took her place alongside other leading industry experts for a three year term to secure, develop and strengthen the UK creative products industry, organising leading industry events and developing educational programmes.

You can join our newly formed Lean In circle group Spark! here and / or our Facebook group here for all the latest developments


Book your Sarah Hurley LIVE! tickets here!

Thank you for dropping by today and sharing in our excitement!

Sarah x

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