What’s New At Hurley HQ?!

Winter is coming! And we couldn’t be more excited about it. The season is upon us where candles, jumpers and mugs of tea are all a complete necessity! So this weeks What’s New at Hurley HQ, is all about getting cosy and out of the cold.


With our love for cake and the latest craze for Microwave Cake Mugs, it seemed only right we made the perfect gift for all those cake lovers out there! Our Cake Mug’s come complete with either a Chocolate cake, Fairy Cake or Coffee Cake recipe to choose from, and is personalised with your choice of name and even comes complete with a spoon! So as soon as your Cake Mug is done you can tuck in and enjoy.



Hygge is the Danish term for enjoying the simplicity of life, like spending time with family in a cosy, welcoming environment. So why not add some Hygge to your home with our gorgeous personalised cushion covers. Nothing is quite as cosy as snuggling up to your very own personalised cushion!



Finally, nothing quite says winter, like getting cosy on the sofa in your PJ’s with the flicker of a good candle adding the perfect atmosphere! So why not get a personalised Confetti candle! We’re loving our new candles and particularly the fabulous scents, you can choose from Floral, Woody or Sweet!


All of the products shown are available now at http://www.SarahHurley.com

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you’re loving right now from Sarah Hurley Ltd.

Thanks for reading!

Team Hurley


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