What’s On The Box? With Team Hurley

This week at Hurley HQ, Team Hurley have been exploring the greatness that is Netflix! This week we’re going to share with you what we’re loving on Netflix right now…


Pretty Little Liars


Pretty Little Liars is now in it’s 7th season and we have to say it takes real time and dedication to get through all (approx.) 23 episodes of every season – unless you have weeks of free days available! After devoting ourselves to getting through every season we have finally done it! This week we finally caught up with Ep.10 of Season 7.

The show is based on 4 friends who have to deal with life after the death of their leader. The girls are stalked and tormented by the mysterious ‘A’. As the seasons unravel we find not everything is as it seems.

Now we have to admit, after the girls found out who A was, we thought how on earth is this going to carry on for much longer! But they seemingly pulled it out of the bag, and we have to say we are thoroughly addicted, and have now reached the depressing realisation that there are only 10 more episodes left. EVER!

If you’re not up to date with the last episode yet we recommend you skip this part and scroll down to the next show. Now for those of you who are up to date, can we just take a moment to say OMG! There were so many revelations and reconciliations in the last episode we don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the happy news that finally *hurrah*  Hanna and Caleb have reunited after so long of, ‘will they, won’t they’. Aria is devastated as Ezra’s murdered girlfriend is found alive, then there’s Emily and Ali, that situation is just never clear. But more to the point Spencer is left fighting for her life after being shot, then the shock revelation that Mary Drake is her mother *gasps*.

It’s safe to say that whatever the final 10 episodes have in store they are set to be as shocking, cheesey, romantic and funny as all the ones that have come before. We cannot wait!



Now this one we only started this week, we are currently 5 episodes in and it is safe to say we are loving Narcos. If only we had the time to binge watch both seasons we happily would!

This show is not only informative, it’s interesting, thrilling and has a whole load of action. If like us you’d never really had a second thought about the notorious drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, after watching the first episode of Narcos you will be googling like crazy to find out more. So far the show has been jam packed with action. Of course we all know how this one ends but it is still so thrilling. We have to say despite the criminal activity and murder, after watching a couple of episodes of Narcos we started to really warm to Escobar. We have even started to sympathise with him after he was forced out of his multi-million mansion due to being hunted by Columbian police and the U.S. DEA.

We’re excited to watch the rest of the series and it has been confirmed there will be a season 3 and 4!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

This one we weren’t so sure about. We love a superhero film and thoroughly enjoyed the old animated TMNT series, but when this was released in cinemas back in 2014, we really weren’t interested. So when it joined Netflix lately we decided to cut it some slack and give it a go.

Surprisingly, we actually enjoyed the movie. The turtles added humour and action to the movie making it a lot more enjoyable, the overall story line was okay and as first films go for a Superhero series it didn’t drag on forever as most of them do. Megan Fox’s performance wasn’t the best, but her co-star Will Arnett added some serious humour.

The film is enjoyable and is worth a watch on a quiet night in.


Thanks for dropping by today. We would love to hear your comments on any of the shows mentioned, or even let us know what shows you’re loving on Netflix at the moment by popping us a comment below.

Team Hurley



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