Bridget Jones’s Baby: Movie Review


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Last night Team Hurley joined together with arms full of popcorn ready for a catch up with our favourite girl Bridget!

There has been a huge Bridget sized hole in our lives ever since Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, but like a miracle sent from above, Bridget is back and is better than ever!

There’s always that fear when a new instalment of one of your favourite films is released, will it be as good as before? will the characters still be the same? will we still love her? Rest assured everything is good and well in Bridget Jones land! The film definitely delivered, we were literally crying with laughter, as Bridget stumbled her way through life yet again.

Bridget Jones's Baby

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

In the movie we are introduced to a 43, television producer version of Bridget, and although her career had progressed her love life was still very much single. However one night stand’s with both (our favourite) Mr Darcy and newbie american Jack, Bridget soon finds herself eating for 2 and unsure of who her baby’s father could be!

All the familiar faces from the first two movies return including her fabulous friends Jude, Shazza and Tom, her annoyingly loveable Mum and her quiet supportive Dad, not to forget Bridget’s new young friend Miranda!

Bridget Jones's Baby

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Our only criticism is that sadly Bridget has moved on to the digital age and no longer writes her diary with good old pen and paper, but instead types her diary on a tablet! We guess Bridget has to move with the times though, so we will overlook this small detail.

If you’re looking for a film that’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll cry, and you’ll be smiling up at the screen crazily throughout, go and grab your friends and get a ticket for Bridget Jones’s Baby!

Bridget Jones’s Baby is Out Now in cinemas Nationwide!

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch the movie, let us know what you thought about Bridget’s return by dropping us a comment below!

Team Hurley


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