One Hot Summer: Book Club Update

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Although it is officially the end of the British Summer time, that doesn’t stop us from indulging in some great Summer reads! Our latest book club pick is One Hot Summer by Kat French, we hope you’ve been reading along with us, so let us tell you exactly what we think so far!



I am an absolute sucker for a cheesy rom-com whether its a tv programme, a film or a book, so as soon as I started reading One Hot Summer I just knew I would enjoy it. Sometimes it is nice to read something light hearted, funny and predictable, because well, who doesn’t want the girl to get the perfect guy!

I loved the way the book opened, instantly Alice is thrown into a heartbreaking situation, not only has she just found out that her husband is cheating on her, but so has the rest of the nation. I automatically felt for Alice, her luck went from bad to worse with the possibility of being homeless also looming over her. It’s nice to see how much Alice loves Bourne Manor and the lengths she will go to keep what was once going to be her happily ever after. Alice shunned a life of fame with her husband to stay home, cook meals, drink wine and watch movies by the cosy fire. She is a relatable character, even though I may not have a manor, I would probably choose exactly the same lifestyle in her situation.

It is interesting to see the introduction of Robinson, the singing, mysterious cowboy who has become Alice’s temporary lodger. No doubt Robinson will throw a few spanners in the works and turn Alice’s life upside down.

I am really enjoying the book so far, and although I can probably guess the way this book is going to end I am still thoroughly enjoying it and can’t wait to read on!



We picked this book because it looked like the perfect summer / beach read and we weren’t wrong! Immediately I empathised with Alice who seems so nice, she’s also been cheated on by her husband and faces the possibility of losing her beloved home. Alice is a homebody like me and her love of bubble baths, snuggling under cosy blankets and having tea with friends definitely spoke to me! When Robinson turns up to rent her house, things definitely start to get interesting!

It’s super cheesy and I can kind go guess what’s going to happen but it’s entertaining, funny and well written. I’m looking forward to reading the rest.


Let us know what you thought so far about our latest Book Club read, either by dropping us a comment below or getting in touch via our social media pages!

Thanks for dropping by!


Sarah & Team Hurley


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