What’s On The Box? With Team Hurley

whats on the box with Team Hurley

This week has been jam packed with a variety of new series and one off shows, it’s been tough to cram it all in! But luckily here at Team Hurley we’re the ultimate TV fans so we will always find the time for a good TV show!

Child Genius

This week we have been loving the new Channel 4 series of Child Genius! Not only are these kids seriously intelligent, they have great personalities to match. In last weeks episode we were loving Mog! Not only is Mog’s actual name Mog, but he loves sheep more than anything and has got some serious brains on him. We would definitely recommend giving this a watch, even though we must warn you, you may feel seriously stupid when you realise you’ve only got 1 question right throughout the whole episode.


Shades of Blue

Jennifer Lopez is back on our screens, some of you may be thinking ‘oh no why?’, but don’t worry it isn’t another cheese rom-com! It’s actually a good intense new crime thriller on Sky Living. J-Lo plays a single mother and a New York Detective, who just so happens to be on the wrong side of the law and is involved with dodgy officers. When she gets caught by the FBI, she has some seriously tough decisions to make. Yes it is still a little cheesey but what crime police show isn’t.


Celebrity First Dates

First Dates is TV gold, who doesn’t want to watch a seriously awkward first encounter with a stranger filled with a lot of awkward silences. But it gets even better when celebrities are thrown into the mix. We were loving Scarlett from Gogglebox, even though she didn’t find love, she did find someone who could talk even more than she could. Preston from the band The Ordinary Boys, or you may know him as going on Celebrity Big Brother and marrying Chantelle Houghton, had quite possibly one of the most awkward dates of the night. The pair clearly had nothing in common and couldn’t be more opposite. Then there was Ashleigh Butler from the dog dancing duo Pudsey and Ashleigh (they won Britain’s Got Talent a couple of years ago), she also ended up unlucky in love and unfortunately didn’t find the one. What’s better than celebrities on dates? It’s definitely worth a watch, even if you do have to watch some of it through your fingers.


Let us know what you’ve been watching and drop us a comment below.


Team Hurley




  1. nanof9

    I started watching Chicago Fire.. then got hooked in as it links to Chicago Pd and Chicago Med.. in different ways.. and of course.. because there are some seriously good looking fellas in each series.. Jason Beghe.. what a voice.and the episodes are very good, x


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