The Girl on The Train: Book Club Update

As you all may know we recently announced the launch of the Sarah Hurley Book Club. In which Sarah and Team Hurley will be choosing  a new book from all types of genres every 4 weeks. We will then read each book, keeping you posted throughout offering up different perspectives and opinions, with a final review at the end of each four weeks!

Our first pick was the global bestseller The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. The Girl on The Train tells the thrilling story of Rachel; a woman who witnesses a shocking event, that changes her life forever.

Sarah Hurley Bookclub Welcome Girl on the Train

Here at Hurley HQ we’ve all been reading along together so we’ve decided to share our thoughts and let you know what we’re thinking of the book so far.


Paula Hawkins’ best seller The Girl on The Train has been our first book club reading. We’re now at the half way point and I have some thoughts and opinions on the book so far.

I am actually really enjoying the book! At the beginning I did feel as though the book lacked that page turning quality and was quite slow. However as the book has progressed I am more and more intrigued to see how it is going to end.

The main protagonist Rachel is an extremely interesting character, at times she is some what infuriating, with her lack of self control and down right stupidness. However her intentions are good, she is a woman who is heartbroken, baron and an alcoholic, she’s recently been fired and has been entangled into what could potentially be a murder case. I am interested to see what Rachel will do next as she tries to put the pieces together.

I am starting to find my potential suspect in Megan’s husband, Scott. I believe there is a lot more to that story and that character than what has been revealed so far. Anna’s whiney Stepford Wife persona is seriously grating on me, whilst Rachel’s ex husband, Tom is also beginning to make me question his actions and intentions on the night of Megan’s disappearance.

I am intrigued to continue reading the book and I like the way that Hawkins is flicking between each female character and between the past and the present. Slowly but surely the story is unravelling and I am interested to find out more.


I have to be honest, I found this book really hard to get into, I’d actually previously read the first couple of chapters and put it aside. The character, Rachel, is pretty pathetic and I find it hard to relate to her or really care about her in the early stages of the book (so harsh!) this time though, I was more determined to see it through and persevered and I’m SO glad I did, once I got past those initial first couple of chapters I was hooked! I literally read this book in 4 sittings (two of them very short just before I go to bed and two longer marathon reading sessions) because I had a hard time putting it down (don’t worry I won’t make any spoilers because I know the end, I made notes as I went so I could do this  post halfway!)

As I’ve approached the halfway point, I find myself sympathising more and more, and despite her shortcomings, being led with her heart (and alcohol!) she does what she feels is best and you can’t fault someone who’s trying their best. The fact that she cares so much is probably her biggest weakness and the more I read the more I think her misguided feelings for her ex-husband are going to run her into trouble. Unlike Chloe, I’m not so suspicious of her ex (I think he’s just a weak man) and more suspicious of his new wife, her perfect Stepford Wife persona isn’t fooling me, theres definitely more to her than meets the eye.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are if you’re reading along (or what you thought if you’ve finished it – don’t worry I see the comments first so I’ll make sure my team don’t see any spoilers!)

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah & Team Hurley




  1. loveyarn

    I haven’t made it half way yet, and for the exact reasons you both describe, slow to start and hold my interest . I am so glad that I read your half way through reviews, I will pick the book back up again today . Thank you and glad you did this book club.

    Liked by 1 person

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