What’s New at Hurley HQ?

We have had a lot of things happening lately at Hurley HQ. It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks, we have launched the Sarah Hurley Book Club, and as some of you may know we recently announced the opening of our very first U.S. office, in sunny Los Angeles.

However all of this doesn’t stop us from making some of the best gifts around, so let’s have a look at What’s New at Hurley HQ.

With school’s soon closing for the summer holidays, it seems only right to say thank you to those who have helped you along the way… Yes, we’re talking about your teachers! Without them you probably wouldn’t have got that grade you wanted, so why not show your gratitude with our new gift collection for your teachers.

Teacher Gifts


Now for those of you who like to add a touch of magic to your morning Coffee, do it in style with our new range of Unicorn mugs. Each mug is personalised to your specifications and is made from a white ceramic mug. Treat someone magical in your life… or just treat yourself 🦄✨



Last but not least we just have to tell you about our new hand painted Wedding Keepsake Dolls. These are one of our new favourites here at Team Hurley. If you have a summer wedding coming up these are a great gift for the newlyweds! Each doll is hand painted exactly to your specifications so you can make sure they look exactly how you want.

Wedding Dolls

Let us know what you think of our latest products, drop a comment below or contact us via our social media. All the products shown are available here.

Team Hurley



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