Our L.A. Office Is Here!


We have some big news to announce!

As some of you may already know Sarah recently went on another business trip to L.A. and Hawaii, to attend the Silhouette Summit. During Sarah’s time in L.A., she officially signed on the dotted line and has opened our first U.S. office in L.A.!

2016-05-18 21.20.58-1

This is the start of our recently announced global growth programme ensuring that we are close to our existing clients in Downtown L.A., Burbank and Anaheim. The new office allows Sarah Hurley Ltd to grow and develop and work with new and existing clients within the U.S. market. Sarah is currently finalising our U.S. team, in the meantime she will continue to fly back and forth to manage our business there.

We’re so excited to see it soon and to meet our new colleagues!

Team Hurley



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