What’s Hot on the Box? with Team Hurley

whats on the box with Team Hurley

‘Did you see that programme that was on last night?’ Is generally how each morning kicks off with Team Hurley, armed with mugs of coffee, we usually debate the latest happenings in the world of Soap land, reality t.v. and if you’re anything like Sarah the world of true crime and thriller.

So let’s kick this weeks round up off with the return of Celebrity Masterchef!

The first round of contestants, included Simon Cowell’s sidekick Sinitta, model, actress and singer Donna Air, Vlogger Marcus Butler, Tommy Cannon, one half of comedy duo Cannon and Ball and Alexis Conran, actor, writer and TV presenter.

Alexis Conran did surprisingly well and was actually pretty impressive, Marcus Butler also showed off his culinary skills! Whilst Tommy Cannon added some character to the episode and was praised for his work in the professional kitchen, meanwhile the once Geordie Donna Air had suddenly become awfully posh, and mastered the art of cooking steak!

Sinitta was the highlight of Wednesday nights show and gave us comedy gold, as she served Greg Wallace and John Torode raw food not only once, but twice! Greg and John actually refused to eat one of her dishes at the fear of being poisoned. Sinitta then looked close to tears in the professional kitchen after being told off for breaking a piece of fish. Without the ability to actually cook meat that’s edible, unsurprisingly Sinitta was the first celebrity to depart the show.

In other t.v. news, Game of Thrones offered us up quite possibly one of the best fight scenes ever! A bold statement we know, but for anyone who did watch last weeks penultimate episode you will know exactly what we’re talking about. We were nail biting, hair pulling and clinging to the edge of our seats as the drama and action unfolded. For anyone who still hasn’t jumped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon yet, we urge you to… Immediately!


Photo Credit: Sky Plc Game of Thrones available on Sky on Demand

And finally in the world of reality t.v.! Love Island has been a high talking point at Hurley HQ. With the aim of the game to find love and with the last couple standing winning a £50,000 prize, it’s not surprising when people aren’t particularly loyal. This week saw loved up Malin and Terry separated after Malin was voted out by the public. After becoming an ‘official’ couple inside the villa, it seemed only right that Terry would leave with her, since well, he’s found ‘love’. But unsurprisingly Terry not only stayed, but only 48 hours later, he was seen hooking up with new girl Emma. Presenter Caroline Flack has been tweeting about the latest drama, teasing about what could be in store.

Caroline Flack tweet

Watch this space!

Let us know what you thought of this weeks T.V. happenings, drop us a comment below or get in touch via Team Hurley’s social media.

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