What We’re Listening To At Hurley HQ!

Here at Hurley HQ we find that the best way to work is by having a good sing song!

No two days are ever the same and as the months go by we are just getting busier and busier. June has been an exceptionally busy month with Sarah organising and contributing towards the highly anticipated CHA-UK 2016 live event, and with occasions like Father’s Day, there never seems to be a moment of quiet… Just the way we like it!

This month we thought we would let you in on our must have music choices. Check out our June Spotify playlist, it is sure to brighten your day and get you singing along no matter what you’re up too! Although we must warn you now, be ready for some cheesey Pop and 80’s Disco!

So grab you headphones or sing at the top of your lungs.

Click here to listen to our June Playlist!


Happy Listening!

Team Hurley


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