A Few of My Favourite Things… Tea!

Tea is one of those things that we seem to constantly be talking about at Hurley HQ – we drink gallons of it! and are always trying new and interesting teas. We’ll be sharing some of them in future posts but for today a few of us are sharing our favourite cuppa in our favourite mugs…


Lucy’s favourite is a cup of green tea in her Unicorn Mug, no sugar

personalised i believe unicorn mug pic sarah hurley copyPersonalised Unicorn Mug / Twinings Green Tea


Chloe prefers a cup of English Breakfast Tea, One and a Half Sugars with Milk

personalised-straight-outta-tea-personalised mug-sarah-hurleyPersonalised Straight Outta Tea Mug / Twinings English Breakfast Tea


I’m known for my undying love of Earl Grey, no sugar and a tiny dash of milk, I’m never far from my Tea on Fleek! mug

personalised tea on fleek confetti mug sarah hurleyPersonalised Tea on Fleek! Confetti Mug / Twinings Earl Grey Tea

What are your favourite teas? Let us know in the comments or on social media so we can try them out!

Sarah x

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